One Piece Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1063 Spoilers

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This is one piece of the official spoiler review recap of the week. For fans who would be interested in reading this chapter, it is highly recommended that you read these spoilers before continuing anything else. If you like this chapter, number 1062, and the title is my only family, so it is best for you guys to give these spoilers a try.

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One Piece Chapter 1063 Spoilers

– Chapter 1,063: “My only family”.

– In the cover, we see that Cracker is frozen and Brûlée is crying. Brûlée says Pudding has been kidnapped. 

-Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe and Bonney change their clothes with a special Vegapunk’s machine. Luffy, Chopper and Bonney wear futuristic clothes and Jinbe wears hawaiian clothes.

– They met Kuma, a police robot with uniform. He’s different from the real Kuma, he wears round sunglasses and has robotic shoulders.

– Kuma attacks them. Luffy is about to punch Kuma but Bonney stops him. 

-Bonney says Kuma is her real father and her only family. We can see an image of younger Kuma holding Bonney when she was a child.

-No news about Zoro’s group in the chapter.

-Cut to another place, we see that Blackbeard is ambushing Law in the middle of the sea. 

– Blackbeard brings with him Jesus Burgess, Van Augur, Doc Q and Stronger. All of them have the power of an Akuma no Mi.

Jesus Burgess: Riki Riki no Mi (+0). Ha has abnormal strength.

Doc Q: Shiku Shiku no Mi (0). He can infect people with sickness (“Shiku” is the Japanese spoken word for “sick”).

Van Augur: Wapu Wapu no Mi (77770). He can teleport people (“Wapu” is the Japanese spoken word for “warp”).

Stronger: Uma Uma no Mi Mythical Zoan, Model: Pegasus (OEFL “C#”).

-Law escapes to a nearby island but Van Augur teleports Burgess first. Burgess lifts an entire mountain and throws it to Law.

– Doc Q arrives riding Stronger. Blackbeard is on top of them both.

– Doc Q uses his powers to turn Law into a woman for a moment, but Law uses his Haki to break Doc Q’s disease power.

-Law says that a strong Haki can nullify Akuma no Mi’s powers. He says too that he learned a lot from the battle against Kaidou and Big Mom.

– Blackbeard appears in front of Law. Blackbeard was wondering which one of the 3 captains that left

Wanokuni will cross path with him first. – In the final page Blackbeard and Law are ready to fight.

Blackbeard: “Kaidou must have had one of them… So I will take all your Road Poneglyph!!”

Law: “I’m ready!! Winner takes all!!!”

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