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One Piece: Dr. Vegapunk’s Real Identity And The Reason He Was Revealed 

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Vegapunk is the most intelligent scientist in the One Piece universe. He is also the chief of the Navy’s technology division. It is stated that his technology is 500 years ahead of its time. 500 years!!

A G-5 Marine identifies himself as an elderly man. The only time we see him is when Kuma mentions him and throughout the Punk Hazard arc. Caeser claims that he refused to work on the gigantification of children and was significantly more humanitarian. In his youth, he cherished his island and created various innovations to benefit its inhabitants, who now await his return. Vegapunk discovered the secrets and operation of Devil Fruits. His inventions of Seastone prism have greatly benefited the Navy. In addition, he was able to replicate Kizaru’s talent, as evidenced by the apparent clones of Kuma and confirmed by X-Drake. Additionally, Vegapunk contributed to the discovery of Lineage Factor.

For those unaware, Lineage Factor is the blueprint of life form contained within all living beings. This Lineage Factor is altered when a person consumes a Devil Fruit, granting them superhuman power. By manipulating it at an early age, growth can be stimulated. Its application is observed being utilized by Vinsmoke Judge (on his children except Sanji). Another example is Judge’s human cloning research. Caesar was able to create SMILE owing to a change in his Lineage Factor, although it was restricted to Zoan-type monsters.

Consequently, this discovery was absurd. As stated previously, he possesses a sympathetic personality. In addition, he honored the contract he made with Kuma before to Kuma’s final modification and programmed him to protect the Sunny Go until a Strawhat appears.

I also believe he will play a significant role in the last arc, or final battle, if you will. I concur that his appearance is much anticipated!

Some Identity About Vegapunk New Introduce Character

Very little is known about the history of Vegapunk. Prior to joining the World Government, he was a member of MADS, an unlicensed research team comprised of notable scientists such as Judge Vinsmoke, Queen, and Caesar Clown. He has built two dragons on Punk Hazard and an artificial Devil Fruit that allows the user to convert into a dragon.

The personality and ideals of Vegapunk have yet to be revealed. Based on what is known, he appears to be an honorable person. Before turning Bartholomew Kuma into a cyborg, he granted him his final desire as a human, which was to be programmed to guard the Thousand Sunny until the return of the Strawhat Pirates.

Before chapter 1061 of the One Piece manga, Vegapunk has not been depicted. However, he was referred to as an old man, implying that he was a senior citizen.

As seen in the Egghead Island arc, which appears to be her personal island, Vegapunk has now finally debuted in the main tale. Given that she is the only one capable of explaining the Devil Fruits and the Lineage Factor, her participation in the narrative is of the utmost importance. Now that Oda is prepared to answer these questions through Vegapunk, it is time for fans to discuss why this character is so significant and what role she will play in the tale going forward.

Vegapunk is likely the most anticipated and drawn-out announcement Oda has ever made in One Piece. She was referenced for the first time in chapter 433 after the events of the Enies Lobby arc. Koby, the then-Petty Officer, introduced Dr. Vegapunk to the fans. According to Koby, it was all because to her that the Navy was able to make significant scientific advancements. Koby stated that Vegapunk was able to prevent the Navy ships from having to traverse the Reverse Mountain every time they entered or exited the Grand Line.

Eventually, Vegapunk left Karakuri Island and joined forces with Vinsmoke Judge, a renowned scientist from the North Blue and the ruler of the Germa Kingdom, Queen the Plague, a former All-Star of the Beasts Pirates, and Caesar Clown. The group became known as MADS, and together they discovered the Lineage Factor, the blueprint of life itself. Essentially, the lineage factor is the DNA that enables these geniuses to alter and create life itself. Judge’s children became superhuman warriors as a result of his discovery of the key to life.

Vegapunk used this research to determine the essence of Devil Fruits and how they function. Eventually, the Navy discovered the MADS and pursued them. Vegapunk was jailed, but was quickly hired by the organization and promoted to chief scientist. Finally, Vegapunk received all the funding she required to continue her scientific studies, which she accomplished. According to Koby, Vegapunk knows all the mysteries regarding Devil Fruits. She was even able to replicate the Devil Fruits themselves. She was able to perfectly recreate the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu after studying Kaido. She could even feed Devil Fruits to inanimate objects, as seen for the first time in One Piece’s Arabasta storyline. On Punk Hazard, she successfully recreated dragons. Perhaps the Pacifistas are Dr. Vegapunk’s greatest accomplishment to date. The Pacifistas were initially presented to fans prior to the One Piece Summit War.

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Reason Dr. Vegapunk Was Revealed Into One Piece

The reason why I think Dr. Vegapunk is important in the series is because of his invention. This guy literally created artificial devil fruits, as well as the rare fish fruit model eastern dragon.He might have a connection with the ancients, who played a big role in the void century.

The scientist was a prodigy already considered a genius, but lacked the skills, funds, and materials to develop his inventions, although that did not stop him from theorizing the creation of Pacifista cyborgs, including their laser weapons back then. This is demonstrated by Franky’s ability to recreate the technologies on his own by self-studying the blueprints Vegapunk left behind on his home island.Regardless, the creations and blueprints that he has left behind are considered invaluable, and any damage inflicted on them is considered a crime.

On the other hand, he is the one who modified Bartholomew Kuma into a cyborg and has produced many Pacifista replicas of him, granting them some of the abilities of Kizaru’s Devil Fruit in the process. These replicas bleed actual blood.

The time has finally come to reveal the identity of Vegapunk, one of the greatest mysteries of the entire series. Given that the story has just neared its conclusion, it is only natural for the author to begin revealing all the secrets he teased followers with. Hopefully, along with the discovery of Vegapunk, all plotlines involving the scientist will also be examined.

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