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One Piece Episode 1017 Preview: Luffy and Zoro team up against Kanjuro!

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This week’s One Piece episode promises to be one of the more action-packed episodes of One Piece in recent memory, as Luffy and Zoro team up against Kanjuro – one of the artist pirates of Whole Cake Island! We’ve seen Kanjuro in action before; he was the first one to fight Luffy after the latter was poisoned by Magellan, and he’s also responsible for Zunesha; an animal that can summon storms across the island. The preview promises an exciting showdown, so let’s take a look at what it tells us about this week’s episode!

What’s at stake in this episode

After the heartbreaking death of Usopp, The Fierce Attacks of the Worst Generation are finally united. This time it’s Luffy vs Perospero, Nami vs. Smoothie and Chopper vs Tansui-san (who is secretly Mayuri). Meanwhile, Sanji and the other chefs take on Oven with a little help from a friend. Be careful though, when Oven transforms it might be too much for Sanji to handle. Although they don’t always see eye to eye, all five members of The Worst Generation have been instrumental in taking down many powerful enemies over their journey together. When they come together they truly shine as a group and there isn’t an enemy who can stand up to them. In fact there has only been one enemy that has managed to even get through their defense once and that was Katakuri in Zou which makes you wonder if he will show up in Whole Cake Island at some point.

Is Kaido gonna be in this one?

Given what happened in Chapter 876, it’s almost certain that Kaido will make an appearance in Episode 1017. So far, we know he’s going to fight with Big Mom, but given that Kaido is looking for Brook (who was last seen heading towards Whole Cake Island), don’t be surprised if Big Mom orders her crew to go after him.

The Official Tweet From One Piece

He’s back!! One of my favourite characters in One Piece, Zoro’s perverted mentor, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei will be returning to One Piece for an episode next week on November 17th. I remember him from way back when he first fought Brook in Alabasta Arc. If you don’t know who that is, then head over to Wikipedia (link below) and have a little read about him.

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