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One Piece Fans Are Celebrating Yamato Birthday

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On November 4th, One Piece fans were crazed celebrating Yamato Kaido’s birthday, and this has made several rounds on the social media.

She’s awesome and now possibly the most powerful female in the series (depending on how strong Boa is). powerful woman and oppressed daughter of the emperor who overcame her childhood to be free! Luffy couldn’t have done it without her.

I would say this as a fan of One Piece: Yamato is the strongest of the One Piece female characters, and it doesn’t just end there. In episode 1038, Yamato appears to defend her father, which has led several fans to think she could have joined the Luffy pirates instead.

The official Toei animation has received several retweets and well wishes for her since the last 24 hours on the official Twitter account.

And here are the most important wishes from One Piece fans:

Itsjuststartppl: Oh, didn’t realize One Piece had their own Bridget “problem” character.

Shinobi; She’s rowdy, heroic, and badass. Yamato is so one of the coolest recent one piece characters for sure

Raisingstar13: The Chronicler of the Straw hat pirate crew.

T4ok1: They’re one of the best characters out there! Yamato gotta be one of my most favorite characters ? Happy birthday yamabro!

Expodraw; Hopefully she joins the strawhats she’d make a great addition to the team.

Lovely anime: Happy birthday to kaido’s daughter and future member of the staw hat Yamato she comeback in the future chapters.

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