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One Piece: Franky’s related to Vegapunk and MADS in this manner!

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Franky’s related to Vegapunk and MADS in this manner! Given that Vegapunk’s latest works are denoted by a star, is it feasible that ODA will reveal Franky and Vegapunk’s shared past? Possible connection to MADS?

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I’ve been contemplating this… I don’t believe Franky is Vegapunk’s child, but he is related to MADS in both a direct and indirect manner. Also, Franky found himself on a ship with the necessary materials to become a cyborg. An abandoned ship that remained afloat for decades This occurred approximately 10 years in the past. MADS disbanded prior to 24 years ago, given Reiju’s age, and Queen only knew of Judge’s planned modifications; he had probably never met any of the children, which means they were born after the breakup. However, how long later? We have no idea.

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Franky was 26 when he converted himself into a Cyborg (aboard a long-adrift though adequately evolved ship) and was found as a “kid”, probably quite young as he was around 8-10 when he met the Roger Pirates (Oden specifically – ignoring the others)… Are you aware of what age range this corresponds to?

Franky is old enough to have been abandoned about the time that MADS began to disintegrate. We do not know the age of Cutty Flam when Tom found him… However, any period before he turned 8 is acceptable. Perhaps he was a child born to parents within that group, but when it collapsed, he was either taken by pirates or his parents resorted to piracy to evade or oppose the government. I am unsure.

One Piece: Franky's related to Vegapunk and MADS in this manner!

In any event, I believe that ship is a relic from the days of that scientific institution, and perhaps parts of the metalwork and prosthetics are explicable… But where does a pirate’s child learn how to fuel his body with fizzy beverages? And construct a complex hydraulic mechanism and electrical life-support system capable of sustaining him in the midst of a wrecked ship? Unless there was advanced knowledge there (which would explain how he so easily stumbled upon Vegapunk’s old notes and grasped their potential) or he was already familiar with those principles and how to make them work (remember, he had only caught a glimpse of Pluton’s blueprints at this point and had not had years to study them).

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