One Piece Future Arcs: Win or Lose For The Straw Hat Pirates?

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If you love One Piece and want to know what the future holds for your favorite characters, then you have come to the right place! I have compiled all of the major upcoming events that will happen in the future arcs of One Piece Future Arcs. So sit back, relax, and learn about what’s next for your favorite Straw Hat Pirates! 10 One Piece Arcs! If you are not caught up with the latest manga chapters or anime episodes, then it is highly recommended that you Check out now! What follows is a major One Piece Arcs that can change everything you thought you knew about One Piece.

One Piece isn’t the type of anime you’ll hear about every day. It has been going for over two decades and shows no signs of slowing down. There are over a thousand chapters and episodes in the manga and anime, respectively. One Piece is one of the most popular anime series ever. Eiichiro Oda is the creator. Oda recently stated that One Piece is approaching its conclusion. Fans were unconcerned because they knew they’d be able to access more One Piece content in the coming years with ease, but what can we expect from future arcs?

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The combat between the yonko Kaidou and Monkey D. Luffy was recently concluded in the One Piece manga. Luffy triumphed, but not without difficulty. In the bout, Kaidou came close to defeating Luffy. Luffy finally used his much-anticipated 5th Gear to defeat Kaidou. Meanwhile, the Wano Arc is being followed by the anime. As a result, anime fans can anticipate a confrontation between Luffy and Kaidou in the near future. With the Wano arc in manga completed and the anime nearing completion, fans have been wondering about the next arc.

One Piece’ Future Arcs – Where Will The Straw Hats Head Next?

One Piece Future Arcs

Once a particular arc in One Piece has been completed, it’s over – right? Well… not exactly. Over the course of its 19-year run on Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, creator Eiichiro Oda has penned countless story arcs that often branched off into their own subplots.

We’ll talk about the confirmed upcoming arcs in One Piece in this article. There aren’t many arcs left now that Oda has confirmed that the manga has reached its conclusion.

After the Wano Arc, What’s Next?

We’ve seen how Oda concludes an arc properly throughout the years. After the main arc, there will be a post-Wano arc to wrap things off properly. We can anticipate a final meeting of the alliances to say our goodbyes.

Which Arc Will Follow Next?

After the Wano arc, at least three more arcs have been confirmed. Elbaf, Raftel (Laugh Tale), and the Final War arcs will be featured in future One Piece arcs.

What Can You Expect From The Elbaf Arc?

Before we can discuss the plot, we must first define Elbaf. Elbaf is a realm filled with giants, as One Piece fans know. It is also the world’s most powerful kingdom. Elbaf’s kingdom has only been shown once in anime and manga. The only time it was displayed was in Big Mom’s flashbacks.

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future one piece arcs

The kingdom of Elbaf was first mentioned in the Little Garden arc. After the Wano arc, going to Elbaf is significant. Usopp, as we all know, has always wanted to visit Elbaf. The Elbaf Kingdom will be the Straw Pirates’ next destination. We might even see Shanks, a fan favorite. You might wonder why. The explanation is simple: Elbaf falls under Shanks’ jurisdiction, hence Luffy’s reunion with Shanks is sufficient.

What Is Going To Happen In The Laugh Tale Arc?

The Laugh Tale arc is the most eagerly awaited. Laugh Tale Island is the farthest point on the planet. Laugh Tale Island is also supposed to be home to the One Piece treasure. After arriving with his crew, Gol D. Roger called the island Laugh Tale. Our straw hats will have to acquire all four poneglyphs before they can reach Laugh Tale. Luffy has two poneglyphs so far. The third one should be found near Kaido’s lair in Onigashima, but the fourth one remains a mystery. Luffy will be to the laugh tale island in a few months or years, eventually getting his hands on the famed One Piece treasure.

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What Is The Last Battle Arc?

All hell is about to break loose in the last conflict arc. Before he died, Whitebeard said that once One Piece is discovered, the entire world will be at war. He also predicted that Teach would never become pirate king, implying that Teach would eventually fall to Luffy. Whitebeard discussed the most important war in history. This means that the 11 Supernovas, remaining Yonkos, World Government, Strawhats, and Revolutionaries will face off in a massive fight.

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The destruction of Redline is also noteworthy. Madam Sharley has described a vision in which Luffy destroys the Redline. Fishman Island will be destroyed as a result of this. Poseidon is likely to emerge and summon Noah to save the fishmen. Imu Sama would also reveal his true identity to the world. Luffy will eventually realize his dream of becoming the pirate king, as will the rest of his crew.

What does Oda have in store for the future? We don’t know, but we do know that these are the future arcs of One Piece. So get ready because One Piece’s greatest is yet to come.

Who is the real enemy?

 Who is the real enemy?

In One Piece, there is a mysterious organization called Baroque Works. This company is really behind many of CP9’s operations. Even knowing that Baroque Works was involved in so many events (like destroying Enies Lobby), you would never have thought they were anything more than an evil-doer group. In fact, one of their major agendas has been to kill as many pirates as possible. What could possibly motivate them to hate pirates so much? Could it be that they know something about Monkey D. Luffy and his crew? Could it be that Luffy is going to become something even greater than what he already is? Or perhaps…it’s because of who his father is! Many people think Roger may not be dead after all, but some believe he might just be living on another island.

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