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One Piece: Kuma is Bonney’s father!

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Who is Bonney’s father? For some time, we have all speculated as to why Kuma would willingly give himself up to be modified into a Pacifista.

Kuma was once the King of the Sorbet Kingdom, and he was made an example for all other kingdoms of what would happen if they betrayed the World Government.But that still doesn’t explain why he didn’t seem to resist.

Who is Bonney’s father?

We saw Jewelry Bonney try to get into the Celestial Dragon’s domain by pretending to be “Connie,” the queen dowager of the Sorbet Kingdom. She was probably trying to save Kuma.

There was also another mystery that we have never gotten an answer to: why is Bonney important to the Marines/World Government? Well, I believe it is all linked!

We generally believe Bonney is older than she looks, but if we pay attention to the story, the form she changes the most is her child form. Moreover, in Chapter 1060, we see Luffy saving Bonney from the water. Her being in water should mean her fruit powers are off, putting her in a base form. And in this chapter, we see her as a child.

One Piece: Kuma is Bonney’s father!

With this, I have come to the conclusion that Jewelry Bonney is actually Kuma’s young daughter. I believe that after the Gentle King Kuma betrayed the World Government, they kidnapped his daughter, ruined his reputation (making him into Kuma the “Tyrant”), and forced him to undergo the modifications that made him into Px-0 or else they would kill his daughter.

In brief, Bonney is important to the World Government because she is the only reason Kuma doesn’t go against them, and she is probably one of the only people that knows of Kuma’s true nature and the real reason they did this to him. I think Kuma joined the Revolutionaries because he intended to break ties with the World Government. But after they captured Bonney, Kuma gave himself up. Bonney eventually escaped, but it was already too late.

To conclude, there is a very important detail that many have not noticed so far. As you can see in the picture from Vivre Card of Bonney, this was written and drawn by Oda. 
“I’ll let Vegapunk restore my father.”

This finally confirms to us that Kuma is Bonney’s father!

*by mark

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