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One Piece: Shanks True Powers Revealed In Film Red

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Some notable One Piece FilmsThe Red Spoilers are making the rounds on the internet. Consequently, Shanks has finally demonstrated why he is the leader in their eyes. In addition, the film has resolved a number of mysteries concerning Shank’s daughter and the identity of the ultimate boss. Nevertheless, everything is now known.

Uta is not the biological daughter of Shanks, as is revealed. Shanks, who was young at the time, discovered her in a treasure chest after stealing treasure. The crew discovers Uta weeping inside the box, and Shanks calms her by singing. He then has a flashback of what we assume to be him looking up and seeing Roger and his crew. Shanks had abandoned Uta. He did so so that she could live freely without being targeted for her influence.

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Shanks fought with his sword in a fight scene, but it was a typical battle. Several of his lines are quite clever. Furthermore, many moviegoers commented on how cool Shanks is in it. We observe Shanks’ COC knock out Momonga. Kizaru is anxious to see Shanks. After seeing Shanks’ Haki, both Kizaru and Fujitora opt to retreat. Shanks is on fire!!!

shanks true power

Big Mom pirates are there to grab Uta for the Big Mom collection. Katakuri is also here! Katakuri is fighting together with Shanks. They are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!! This is quite an unexpected combo, and fans had not expected to see them together.

It leaked that Zoro’s bounty post-Wano will be bigger than Sanji’s.

Gear 5 emerges at the conclusion. Not on the screen for long, and you can’t really see much detail other than a close up of his face and his back from far away. Unfortunately,

Shanks and Luffy’s reunion didn’t meet with each other. But they did acknowledge each other from afar, but they didn’t meet face to-face.

Zoro and Sanji fight the last boss, who is big, but everyone joins up with an unexpected individual at the end! That scene where everyone fights in groups, yet together, is quite great. Nami and Zeus are also shown fighting together, inflicting havoc on opponents.

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