One Piece: Soon, Zoro Will Surpass Mihawk And Rayleigh.  •• Stig
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One Piece: Soon, Zoro will surpass Mihawk and Rayleigh. 

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Soon, Zoro Will Surpass Mihawk and Rayleigh. Yes, this will surely happen. If you are a keen watcher of the One Piece series, you will learn why that prophecy made by Sig will surely happen in the future.

This post was written based on my personal opinion as a fan of OP’s has been on this trend with Zoro and Mihawk. When it was first started that Sanji would surpass Zoro in terms of power level, other fans replied that it would never happen because both characters have their own unique devil fruit. Here

are some of the posts from one piece fan that have been detailed 👉After Wano Arc Sanji Will Surpass Zoro In Terms Of Power Level

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