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One Piece: Tajio reacted as his cooking improved after he met Sanji-san.

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Tajio reacted as his cooking improved after he met Straw Hat pirate Sanji of one piece.

At first he said, “I am not too good at cooking, but if I see anyone who will teach me, he will appreciate it and luffy reacted a little.”

tajio and luffy

Sanji Luffy meets Tajio. Sanji teaches him a cooking style.

Eiichiro Oda Revealed his Favorite Character in One Piece

Tajio’s cooking style improved after meeting Sanji-san. Tajio is a very young and poor cook who works with the merine.

His chief rejected him due to his low and poor cooking style. In

episode 133 of One Piece, it was the first day that Sanji ever met the super blue sea cookers.

tajio and sanji

Robin was the one who was saved due to worry about his cooking. Can Sanji assist him? The goal was archived. It’s an exciting time for Tajio.

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