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One Piece: The Truth behind Rocky Port Incident!

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During the gap in time, Trafalgar Law was responsible for a major incident that eventually became known as the Rocky Port Incident. Marine Captain Koby, who was present during the incident, is credited with saving the lives of civilians and has since been hailed as a hero, although the specifics of what happened are not yet known. Blackbeard is now the new boss of Hachinosu after he was able to defeat Ochoku (Wang Zhi) with some assistance from Koby. Ochoku was the previous boss (Pirate Island).

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Wang Zhi is the name of a real-life Chinese pirate in our world who is well-known for trading weapons with Europe, Southeast Asia, China, and Japan. Wang Zhi’s activities have earned him a reputation in each of these regions.

So, what exactly took place? In light of the fact that the Blackbeard Pirates currently reside on the Pirate Island, it is safe for me to assume that the Rocky Port will not be located there. It is highly likely that it is happening in another location. Law is currently creating a disturbance for an objective that is unclear (it could be connected to the one hundred pirate hearts that he gave to Marine, or it could be that he is attempting to disrupt Doflamingo’s underground deal with Kaido).

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It’s possible that Rocky Port is a well-known trading port that locals, as well as some pirates, use for everyday commerce as well as for the purchase and sale of weapons. It is possible that Wang Zhi is the owner of both the port and Pirate Island. In the same way that Drake tells Koby that he sees CP0 trading weapons with Orochi, it is possible that Koby is there on behalf of the SWORD to investigate the illegal weapon trading that is going on.

Therefore, what could happen is that Law could trick Wang Zhi and his one hundred trading pirate partners into attacking him in the Rocky Port, which would result in a situation in which Koby would need to assist in the evacuation of citizens living in the area surrounding the port. The law won all 100 of the famous pirates’ hearts that were located around that port. It’s possible that Koby will play a role in this fight (Law and Koby versus Wang Zhi and his gang). Wang Zhi is unable to fight due to a lack of manpower and his alliance, so he makes an attempt to flee and hides out on Pirate Island, which served as his home base at the time. Blackbeard has some way of determining that Wangzhi is currently in his venerable stage, and as a result, he engages in what he does best, which is attacking people when they are at their weakest. Blackbeard is the one who is in charge of the Pirate Island now.

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We do not yet know exactly what role Koby played in that incident; for example, did he merely assist civilians in need, or did he pursue Wang Zhi all the way to the Pirate Island? Because of this, it’s possible that Koby met Wang Zhi on the Pirate Island, which ultimately aided Blackbeard in his pursuit and defeat of Wang Zhi.

*Concept by Heydude1001

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