One piece theories For Rocks D. Xebec, Garp and X-Drake

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I know it sounds crazy, but Monkey D. Garp might not be Luffy only legendary grandpa. Because what if I told you that his grandfather on the other side of the family tree was none other than Rocks D. Xebec? And I promise that if you make it to the end of this content, you will have your mind completely blown away.

Big thanks to reddit user Mr. Bushido for laying the groundwork for this theory on our subreddit about the secret Goa Kingdom connection between Garp, Rocks, and Roger and their brotherly friendship. But before we can get to the crazy parts, we have to do some groundwork first. Because, in reality, we know very little about this most infamous of all pirates attempting to conquer the one-piece world, who has been all but forgotten by history. However, his silhouette alone should tell us something. Lots of theorists have drawn the obvious Blackbeard comparisons, saying that Teach giant raft was literally named the Saber of Xebec. 

However, Rocks’ silhouette resembles another well-known character: Monkey D. Dragon. Given the Monkey family name, many fans assumed Monkey D. Dragon was Garp’s son for a long time. However, this might not be the case. Garp never once refers to Dragon as his son he only ever refers to him as Luffy father. Dragon could be Garp’s son-in-law, and Luffy’s mother could be Garp’s daughter. Luffy even looks a lot like his grandfather, but those genes appear to have skipped Dragon’s generation entirely if Dragon was Garp’s biological son. Could it be that after Rocks was erased from history, Dragon instead took his wife name-the daughter of Garp and Luffy mother? It wouldn’t be the first time a character took their mother’s name. After all, Luffy’s own brother, Ace, was given the name Portgas in order to protect him from Roger’s lineage. Could Dragon and then Luffy after him have done the same in order to separate themselves from the Rocks family name? And while Dragon clearly has different goals than Garp, his vision does seem to align with parts of Rocks. 

The Dragon doesn’t appear to want to claim the Empty Throne for himself to become the king of the world, but like Xebec, he does specifically want to combat the World Government and the Celestial Dragons. Could he have inherited this will from the Rocks? In any case, the D clan are the natural enemies of the Celestial Dragons, just as we see in Luffy. This isn’t the only thing that Luffy seems to have inherited from the Rock side of the family, though. We know that Rocks gathered the most fearsome pirates on the Grand Line into his crew. Edward Newgate. Charlotte Linlin, Shik the Golden Lion. even a young Kaidou. 

All of these pirates, many of whom would become yonkou, the strongest forces on the planet, all served on Rocks ship. Someone who could rally all of these forces under one flag would have to be supremely charismatic-they would have to have a gift for making friends and allies out of anyone they meet. Sounds like anyone you know? According to Mihawk, Luffy propensity for making allies is his greatest strength. And this strength may have come from his grandfather, Rocks D. Xebec. In the same way that Rocks gathered the best pirates of the time to his side, Luffy does the same by amassing his own grand fleet and teaming up with several Worst Generation members. Luffy and Kid appear to be set up as similarly important members of Luffy’s own pirate era. The similarities between Rocks D. Xebec, Monkey D. Dragon, and Luffy are multifaceted. Not only do they share physical resemblances, but they share defining characteristics as well. However, that is not the end of this theory. *laughs* Not even close. The ending is going to blow you away. So let’s talk about Luffy’s family tree. Because the family history shared between the Monkey and Rocks clans might go way, way deeper, so get ready for some soap opera levels of speculation. It all starts with young Garp. Eiichiro Oda has a really tight grasp on his story’s timeline. Even so, when there are potential loopholes, he pretty good about closing them. After he decided to make Ace the son of Gol D. Roger (a move that was most likely not intended from the beginning), he knew it wouldn’t work because Roger had died before Ace birth. Ergo, Portgas D. Rouge was pregnant for two years to avoid the One Piece equivalent of King Herod. This is a man who, when he introduced time travel into the series, made sure that it only worked one way so he wouldn’t mess up his precious timeline. He even uses clever hints, like how the samurai and Momo hint that they know Roger, so that smart readers can guess the big time travel plot twist. So, given that Oda has been very meticulous, let look at Garp in the past. 

When Oda drew Garp as a child, he looked a whole lot like young Luffy. He’s a rambunctious explorer on a tiger. He, like his grandson, is a wild boy who befriends forest animals. This doesn’t look like a future hero of the marines-this looks like a future pirate. So how did he go from the spitting image of Luffy to a Marine? And, more importantly, let us poke a little fun at his timeline. He joined the marines at the age of 22. We know that Koby joined the Marines at the young age of 16. Zephyr from Film Z joined the Marines at age 14. While it is not uncommon for marines to join later in life—Sakazuki and Boraslino, for example, were both in their 20s when they joined—it is clear that joining the marines was not Garp’s initial goal. What might Garp have been doing up until the age of 22? This is going to be super important for the crazy conclusion of this story at the end. Garp did not spend his twenties patiently waiting around the Goa Kingdom, as Luffy clearly takes after his grandfather. If he was anything like Luffy as a kid, which the illustration would suggest, he probably couldn’t wait to get away from his home island and see the world. But, before we speculate on what Garp was up to all those years, let us first discuss his home island. The Goa Kingdom is a place of extreme inequality. The nobles live in complete extravagance while the poorest members of the country live among the literal trash of the Gray Terminal. 

We don’t know exactly what inspired Garp to become a marine in the first place, but his foundation here could have instilled a desire to create a better, more just world-while at the same time reinforcing his conflicted distrust of the World Nobles. Dragon, who is also from Goa Kingdom, sees it as a microcosm for the entire One Piece world; however, unlike Garp, who wishes to improve the system from within, Dragon, his son or likely son-in-law, wishes to demolish the entire corrupt World Government and rebuild a better world. When naming the nationalities of the Straw Hats, if they were real-life people, Oda has said that Luffy would be Brazilian. The Goa Kingdom actually takes its name from a region of India that was colonized by Portugal, the same European country that colonized Brazil. But what if I told you that Oda giving Luffy his nationality was one of the most significant pieces of foreshadowing in the entire series? Many One Piece pirates are named after real-life pirates, as is well known. X-Drake is Sir Francis Drake. Anne Bonney is Jewelry Bonney. Blackbeard is Blackbeard. One parallel that I haven’t heard as much is Rocks. Rocks seems like an extremely strange name, but there actually was a famous pirate named this: Roche Brasiliano. In English, his name is literally translated as “Rock the Brazilian. The Brazilians (as in, from Brazil) And Rocks even shares a few important qualities with his real-life counterpart. He sailed with some very famous and notorious pirates, such as Henry Morgan (Captain Morgan namesake for the rum fans in the audience). His first mate, Jelles de Lecat, or “Captain Yellows,” became a mighty pirate captain in his own right, just like the yonkou who were spawned from the former Rocks crew. Roche Brasiliano even purchased his ship from Zoro’s namesake, Francois L’ollonais-Roronoa. That part is just for fun, though we doubt Rocks bought his ship from a yet-to-be-born Zoro. Roche was famously barbaric and violent, drunken and debaucherous. The crucial parallel is Rock the Brazilian’s fate. No one knows. There is no record of him after 1671—whether he died at sea or retreated into a quiet life of anonymity, his fate is unexplained. The fate of Roche Brasiliano is shrouded in mystery, much like the fates of Rocks and God Valley. Could Rocks be from the Goa Kingdom.

One Piece’s Brazil equivalent And if that’s the case, who’s to say Rocks D. Xebec and Monkey D. Garp didn’t meet on the high seas? As a pirate and a marine It’s difficult to imagine Garp as anything other than the hardheaded, fist of love wielding marine we know and love, but could he and Rocks have been friends? If they are from the same kingdom, it would be believable that two super-powerful people with outsized personalities would at least know each other, if not get along. And, if Garp shared Luffy’s adventurous spirit, could they have gone out to sea together? What if, during Garp missing years before joining the Marines at the age of 22, he was actually a pirate? Of course, he was not a violent buccaneer, but a peaceful and adventurous pirate like his grandson. Or if we use the terminology from Romance Dawn, the one-shot that Oda released as a precursor to One Piece, a Peacemain pirate, as opposed to the violent Morganeers. And, of course, we already know about Garp’s relationship with Gol D. Roger. While being fierce rivals—the hero of the marines and the king of the pirates—they were also close friends. 

Roger put Ace, his own son, in Garp’s care. Not Rayleigh or Shanks or any other pirate: Garp. Roger is also from the East Bay Blues, hailing from Loguetown. Could the two upstarts from the Goa Kingdom, Rocks and Garp, have met Roger as well? I know it sounds insane, but imagine the three of them sailing together on one ship before the formation of the Rocks Crew, before Roger discovered the One Piece, and before Garp joined the Marines. The three could have adventured and sought treasure, sailing from island to island. But eventually, something changed. A rift formed between the three friends. Likely, the conflict was brought on by rocks. This is all speculative because we won’t know until we learn the truth about Rocks and what happened between the three at God Valley. 

Xebec likely was no longer satisfied with simple, fun-loving adventuring. He wanted wealth. Fame. Power. And perhaps he would stop at nothing to achieve them. He would treat others cruelly. He would enact violence on his rivals and perhaps even innocent people. And you should really subscribe if you don’t want Xebec to come for you next. And the great schism that had formed between these three friends had also sent Roger and Garp in different directions. Roger insisted that piracy could still be fine, but done in the right way. He could still adventure and be free without bringing harm to others. And gathered together with Silvers Rayleigh, Scopper Gaban, and the rest of the Roger pirates. he circumnavigated the entire globe, eventually finding Laugh Tale Garp. 

However, wanted to protect others from the harm of violent pirates like Rocks and chose to join the Marines. Despite his inner conflict with working under the Celestial Dragons, he sought to work within the system to change it for the better—given that Koby and Helmeppo have joined SWORD and were also trained under him, Garp makes a good candidate for this organizations leader. 

The three went their separate ways, but would meet again. When Rocks set his eyes on becoming king of the world, the World Government had to stand in opposition to him. It’s been perplexing to think that Roger and Garp would ever work together, let alone to protect the Celestial Dragons, ever since we learned about God Valley. Garp is clearly no fan of the Celestial Dragons, but it might just be that they weren’t fighting the rocks to save the World Nobles at all. They were fighting to prevent a world where rocks held the power, because such a world would be even worse than one controlled by the World Government. This theory makes God’s Valley personal. Garp and Roger weren’t just fighting a terrible and powerful enemy-they were fighting against their closest friend and brother. 

It is not a stretch to believe that these three would have exchanged sake cups in the same way that Sabo, Ace, and Luffy did. This would raise the stakes of an eventual Rocks and God Valley flashback so much higher. These three legends of the One Piece world—an evil pirate, a marine hero, and the king of the pirates, might even parallel similar trios today. The new rock would be Blackbeard, the future pirate king would, of course, be Luffy, and the Marine Hero role could be fulfilled by Smoker, or more likely, based on recent story events, Koby. After all, Luffy and Koby have been friends and allies all throughout the series—even before Luffy gathered a single member of his pirate crew. If this theory is true and Luffy is the grandson of both Rocks and Garp, this would mean he inherited the D initial from both sides of his family tree. The only other character who is confirmed to have a D from both his paternal and maternal lines is Ace. Clearly, they were both the optimal candidates to become the next pirate king and the next Joyboy. But this, of course, leaves us with another, and maybe even bigger mystery. If Rocks and Garp are Luffy’s grandfathers and Dragon is his father. 

who is Luffy’s mother? And who is his grandmother’s? As his family tree seems to become more and more significant-and with Oda-sensei having confirmed twice now that he *has* drawn Luffy mother already in the series, shouldn’t it be possible to figure out who it is? And yeah, it is. So, click on this content if you want to watch it.

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