Only Hope Manhwa: Before Reading The Series, Read This Article First

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Good afternoon, fans, and welcome to the StiG manga update. Today, we have covered everything you need to know about the popular series called Only Hope, so we do advise you to read this article first if you are interested in this manga.

Shit, I like the male lead. Maybe he did have a reason; I mean, maybe it had something to do with her mom’s death. I 10/10 do not think he killed her, but rather it was someone related to the dude that hired the other guy.

Only Hope Manhwa Summary

Eunhye Ju has the picture-perfect marriage with her husband, Dojin Nam. However, when she finds a hidden basement in his villa, she uncovers a dark secret that puts her marriage and life at risk. That night, the house goes up in flames, and Eunhye is killed by a mysterious masked man—only to awaken nine years later, on the day that she meets her would-be husband! Tracing her steps through time, Eunhye must uncover Dojin’s secret—for better or worse this time.

Is Only Hope Manhwa worth reading?

In my own opinion, I will recommend this manga to you if you love romance manga. I’m getting “Flower of Evil” vibes. I really love the relationship between two loving couples while one of them is a mass murderer and his wife is a detective.

Where can I read Only Hope Manhwa?

If you are interested in reading manga, then Webtoons or never is best recommended for you. As we have a short theory from one of the series chapters, The main character’s husband was tracking her phone and could see everything she was looking up, which is why he knew that she knew his secret. After the wife confirmed her theories and called him, he was missing from his desk. He also tore the flower petal, signifying she was done for. Right when he disappeared from his layer is when the fire started, so I think it’s pretty obvious the figure is supposed to be him.

Where can I read Only Hope Manhwa?

Only Hope Review

The art and story are 100% worth it, but I was thinking about this being more of a romance than a thriller too! That, added to the fact that we don’t get to see the murderer’s face, makes me feel like something is definitely off. I’m thinking he is not her killer and not everything is as obvious as it seems, or he would’ve probably said something before going for the kill too.

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FQ: When Will Only Hope Manhwa Get an Anime Adaptation?

This is only hope that we will get an anime adaptation soon. For the most part, this webtoons team is doing a great job on translation. But these are just my thoughts. Maybe that’s why Webtoon took them too long to translate series from Naver, just like this one, in English because they are also just waiting for English translations from illegal sites.

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