Otokonoko Delivery Season 2: Recap, Every Detail and Release Date

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Otokonoko Delivery was aired in 2016 with only one episode, and since then, fans have been asking “Will it be Otokonoko Delivery Episode 2 or Season 2? This has gotten a lot of fans confused due to the delay in the anime. We have got the covers and everything you need to know about this series, including where to watch the anime once it is released.

Otokonoko Delivery season 2, episode 2

Before will begin here is a quick recap of the series: Shuuji finds out his classmate takes on a job as a crossdresser and gets interested in joining him.

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Otokonoko Delivery: Will they be a season 2 Or Episode 2?

No, they wouldn’t have season 2 or episode 2. The Creator Studio Zealot has not updated us related or consigned season 2, episode 2. And just like I said in my previous paragraph, the series originally had only one (1) episode. If the series could continue, then the creator would have updated the anime since 2016, when it was first released.

So, while there is no official season 2 or Episode 2 of OD Anime at this time, you can watch some related anime such as Overflow, Excuse Me, This is My Room, and you will definitely enjoy it if you are a fan of this series.

Otokonoko Delivery Recap and Review

OD is an excellent anime that teaches boys how to make money and to read my recap and review. Well, this series shows us two boys practicing prostitution in doubtful ways, surely illegal. Despite the above, it has an animation that makes it acceptable and, unlike Boku no Pico, is much better, to the point of being more erotic. Another positive point is that the designs of the boys are attractive. Perhaps the least interesting thing about it is that it has nothing valuable to tell us about its plot.

Otokonoko Delivery Season 2: Recap, Every Detail and Release Date

For those Fans who hold traps and femboys in the highest regard, h3ntai OVAs involving this genre are scarce. You can find thousands of doujins featuring adorable traps in the most obscene situations by searching any website that catalogs doujins of all types. Possibly because h*nt*i is an extremely limited medium due to a lack of budget and resources, with the exception of a few. Even though yuri is a popular genre, it appears less frequently in monthly h*nt*i releases in recent years. But whenever something like Otokonoko Delivery appears, it’s as if a unicorn appeared before us, and we can’t help but feel giddy when we watch it, despite the fact that the final product is mediocre.

Why do I say this despite the fact that I’ve praised it so highly? For starters, it is a one-episode OVA that is under twenty minutes long. I am aware that this may be an excessive request, especially for a small studio like Studio Zealot, which has only produced three h*nt*i OVAs, including Natsuyasumi, a trap-themed OVA. It is not so much a flaw with the h3ntai as it is a source of frustration. You wish you could have a full hour of what is being presented because it is so extraordinary. A few of the s3x scenes pass quickly and are over by the time you attempt to build to their climax.

Character designs, particularly those of the two trap characters, are extremely well-executed. Not only in terms of how they are drawn, but also in terms of how colorful their tones are. The designs were created by NemuNemu, an artist renowned for his doujins and images depicting crossdressing traps being exploited by older men and other traps. I’ve always been a fan of their work, and it was incredible to see their drawings animated. It gives me hope that more of their work will be implemented for the benefit of humanity.

Due to its short length, the story is about as sparse as one would anticipate. It serves the purpose of h3ntai to have the characters become acquainted and engage in s*xu*l activities. The relationship between Shun and Aoi was quite endearing, and watching them make out was incredibly hot and also endearing. I cannot say the same for the adult male, who is barely noticeable other than serving as the big d**k for our two adorable traps. In addition to being the luckiest person in hentai, I digress.

I commend the voice acting of our two crossdressers’ voice actresses. The actresses performed their roles well and did not sound as artificial as many voice actresses who attempt to pull off a masculine voice while attempting to sound feminine. Similarly, the voice actor for the main character sounds almost nonexistent in comparison to the other two. Even when he makes a sound during his climax, he sounds utterly bored.

Despite my criticisms of this OVA, I enjoy watching it more than the majority of other h*nt*i in recent years. We must take what we can get as trap enthusiasts. While Boku no Pico and its sequels are excellent and longer in addition to having three episodes, I prefer the scenes in this one. There’s a lot to appreciate about the final trio, with our two cuties practicing each other to help Aoi become a whore, and Shun roleplaying as our lucky guy’s cheerleader. If there had been more episodes like this, I believe that world peace would be greater than it is now.

It is not difficult to recommend something that is already a sub-niche within a niche. If you are curious about the trap genre in h*nt*i, I will not hesitate to recommend this so you can see why everyone, including myself, is attracted to it. We pray to the trap gods that hentai studios will produce more OVAs like this in the future, but we should be grateful for what we have now.

Otokonoko Delivery Release Date And where to Watch?

The OD series was released in 2016 and fans can watch it on Crunchyroll or Hanime. Otokonoko Delivery is a Japanese anime television series adaptation of the manga of the same name by Yoshiten, animated by Studio Zaalot. For those who are wondering about the plot, there’s no need to worry because this is an adaptation of the original story with new scenes added in which show the sisters’ everyday life living with their father.

Otokonoko Delivery Season 2: Recap, Every Detail and Release Date

The animation looks great, with vibrant colors that compliment each other well. Fans will not have trouble recognizing where things are from, as some locations from where the story took place are shown at least once or twice during each episode.

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