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Overflow Characters Overview

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Overflow characters, Overflow is one of the famous Japanese anime/manga series at the moment. In my Last Post, we wrote overflow episode one and 30 Overflow anime scenes with pic.

Donghua (Chinese anime) voice actors
Donghua (Chinese anime) voice actors

Overflow is a popular Japanese animated anime movie with millions of users reading the animated series.

: 30 Overflow anime scene with pic

Overflow is a 7 minute long series in each episode. which later start from episode 1 to 8.

Overflow Characters

overflow characters

·  Ayane Shirakawa: Main Character Aka Ayane

·  Kazushi Sudo: Second Main Character Aka Nii

·  Kotone Shirakawa

·  Ayaneko / Kotoneko

The primary overflow anime character, Ayane, Kazushi sudo and Kotone Shirakawa

Ayane Shirakawa Overflow

Ayane Shirakawa

Ayane is a university student, and She is the main character of Overflow. She lived in an apartment very close to you onii-chan.

It was started that Ayane later fair in love with his younger brother onii- chan. She played a very nice role Ayane is a 20-year-old student, and her real name is Ayane Shirakawa.

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Kazushi Sudo Overflow

Kazushi Sudo

Kazushi Sudo Is a brother to Ayane. Onii is a male student Who always invites our sister to visit him in his own apartment. It was seen earlier that in a Japanese university, two brothers and sisters always fell in love with each other back then to what happened. It happened in the bathroom Kazushi Sudo is the second main character of Overflow. he is 24 years old. And he plays a very nice role in the anime series. One voice actor is Jacky. More details here.

Kotone Shirakawa Overflow

Kotone Shirakawa

Kotone is a sister to Ayane. She and Ayane are the two sisters that always visit Onii Chan in his apartment.

Character age 19

Voice Actress: N/A

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Overflow anime,
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