Perfect Marriage Revenge chapter 59: Iju Han in Love! Release Date

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Perfect Marriage Revenge chapter 59: Iju Han is unsure about what went wrong in her life. She was formerly the heiress of a wealthy business magnate, but she is now a typical housewife whose major concerns are her pestering in-laws and domestic tasks. However, things take a terrible turn when she discovers her husband declaring his love to her stepsister. She flees away, only to be struck and murdered by a car. When she opens her eyes, however, she discovers that she has awakened one year before her life went awry. Given a second shot at life, Iju swears vengeance, intending to reclaim what she has lost.

Perfect Marriage Revenge chapter 59:  What Will Happen Next?

Iju Han is unsure about what went wrong in her life. She had a perfect marriage, but it all fell apart. Now, she’s getting revenge by making her ex-husband fall in love with her again. But she’s not sure if she can go through with it. After all, what will happen next? The consequences might be too great to handle. When Iju sees her husband declaring his love to her stepsister on TV, she flees away without any hesitation and returns home. How could he betray me like this? she says out loud to herself as tears stream down her face.

Previous Chapter Recap

Perfect Marriage Revenge chapter 59

Iju Han’s plan to marry the beautiful queen is in full swing. He has sent out invitations to all the eligible bachelors in the kingdom, and now all that’s left is to wait for their arrival. But what Iju Han doesn’t know is that the queen has her own plans for him… 

The day of the ball arrives, and all the guests are assembled in the grand hall. Iju Han enters with the queen on his arm, and they make their way to the dance floor. As soon as they arrive, he can feel someone staring at him from behind. Turning around, he sees a familiar face–young prince Yi Sun who was one of the few bachelors he had invited to the ball. Thinking it might be too much trouble to let this young prince attend the festivities only to refuse his request later on at dinner, Iju Han decides to greet him warmly instead. When Yi Sun greets back enthusiastically and thanks him for inviting them, Iju Han knows that this was an excellent opportunity not just for a date but also for a possible marriage partner! He quickly starts playing mind games by flirting shamelessly with Yi Sun before turning away coldly again–that should show any other suitors who’s boss!

Where to Read Perfect Marriage Revenge

If you’re a fan of the Perfect Marriage Revenge manga series, you’ll be happy to know that the latest chapter was just released. You can read it on webtoons. Or other alternatives website mangahua.

Perfect Marriage Revenge chapter 59: Release Date

Perfect Marriage Revenge chapter 59, It will be release on 20 july. We will see how Iju Han take his revenge on his ex-wife and her new husband. Will he be able to win her back? Stay tuned to find out! You can always read more manga news updates in stig so we advise you to visit your page from time to time.

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