Please Kill My Husband Chapter 16: A Recap of the Series and the Release Date

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Please Kill My Husband has been one of the most popular online series of 2022, according to fans and critics alike. The story takes place in the same world as Please Bang My Wife, but follows the main character’s journey into polyamory instead of swinging. And while the audience that both series share would likely be greatly interested in reading Please Kill My Husband, only those who have read The Broken Ring, this Marriage Will Fail Anyway will understand what’s going on!

My manga summary, Brienne Lutengard knew that her parents were selling off their daughter and their status in exchange for money. Still, she thought she’d be able to live a relatively happy life with her husband, but it’s not long until the new duke of House Lutengard shatters her dreams. Eight years later, the duke is found murdered in his residence, and Brienne is named the main suspect, along with three potential accomplices. All three are skilled swordsmen, none have an alibi for the night of the murder, and they’re all young men recently caught up in a scandal with the duchess! Did the duchess really kill her husband? And if so, what could’ve been her motive?

What Happened in Chapter 15?

In the previous chapter, FL is seen looking out the window at the blue ml and he looks like he’s plotting. Unfortunately, we don’t know what FL is thinking. In this chapter, there are so many big things that happen! There’s a recap of all of the series, plus more details on when the release date will be! Read chapter 15 to find out what happens next!

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What to Expect in the Upcoming Chapter 16

Brienne Lutengard is going to kill her husband. I’m not sure if she’s going to do it herself or hire someone else to do it, but one way or another, Brienne Lutengard is going to kill her husband. This time for sure, she’s really serious about getting rid of her evil husband. She doesn’t know how long she can take being married to him and living with him day in and day out. She needs a break from him.

Please Kill My Husband chapter 16

The next chapter isn’t coming out for about a month, but you don’t have to wait that long to learn what happens. There will be other stories going on during that time period in which her husband isn’t an important factor. I hope everyone is looking forward to reading about these secondary characters! They are so much fun to write about. I am working on some new chapters now so look forward to those as well!

Please Kill My Husband Release Date

Please Kill My Husband chapter 16 will be released on 25th. This will be a recap of the whole series. It will answer all your questions, such as what happened to Brienne Lutengard? Where did she go? Who killed her husband? What’s going on with Jeff now that he knows his wife was murdered? All these questions answered in Please Kill My Husband chapter 16. Click here for more information about this release date.

However, you can read the series on Tappytoon official to support the author, but they is other alternative only if you are broke LoL ?.

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