Priscilla’s Marriage Request: Recap, Review And where to Read?

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We have covered everything you need to know about Priscilla’s Marriage Request Manga series Pricilla was a count’s daughter who was taken advantage of by her stepmother and her ex-husband. She then became a mage mercenary but died on a mission. She reincarnated back in the past, and this time, she’s going to protect what’s rightfully hers. And to do that, she needs to get a favor from a certain person. And it looks similar to When the Villainess Loves manga series.

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Spunky mercenary mage Priscilla Mortia sets out on her final mission: to reclaim the last 15 years of her tragic life. Using a mana stone called the Dragon Heart, she travels back in time to when her family ruled over the land. While Priscilla’s goal is to reawaken her magical powers by obtaining the Dragon Heart in the past, she must survive the sinister plots of her wicked stepmother and her elderly fiance. To aid in her quest, she seeks out Kian Lustin, a renowned swordsman who once captured her heart. But why does their fateful first meeting seem strangely familiar? Can Priscilla finally gain Kian’s allegiance and claim her rightful seat as the heir to House Mortia?

Priscilla's Marriage Request

Priscilla’s Marriage Request Recap and Review 

The story focused excessively on her history, which is a major issue in novels like this because the past is meaningless after the characters have traveled back in time.

Also, the mercenary she lends a diamond mine and everything else to, the one who already owes her dead father a large debt, makes no sense at all; he receives so much assistance, and the one time he can repay the debt, he practically robs the protagonist blind????

Also, before she went back in time, she allowed her entire region to fall into disrepair and did nothing to stop it, despite knowing that if you spend money and run out of it, bad things happen, so if she is so amazingly stupid, it is difficult to hold a grudge against her, as she has already demonstrated that she lacks much intelligence.

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As a final point, the stepmother is particularly fond of jewels, gold, and emeralds, so if she caused such a large land to go bankrupt due to her spending on those items, it would not have been a problem. Gold, gems, and emeralds do not depreciate in value, so even if the MC sold everything her stepmother had brought, they could easily pay off the debt.

You might claim the mercenary thing made sense because he was a worse person than the stepmother and the fiancee before the time loop, but the writer is attempting to make the mercenary the good character, so I have no idea why he would make him robb the protagonist so severely.

Where to Read Priscilla’s Marriage Request

Fans can read the series on webtoon. The series chapter 115 is slated for release on October 14th 2022 . I appreciate that he still wants to be a good teacher, while not actually being a teacher. It’s kind of adorable. Also, I’m interested in finding out who the new lady is. She’s incredibly lovely.

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