Pure Love Operation Manhwa: Here’s What We Know

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Pure Love Operation is a popular manhwa series that follows the story of Su-ae Shim, who is in a one-sided relationship with her indifferent boyfriend, Minu Kang. Despite being hurt by him, Su-ae continues to date him, hoping that things will eventually work out between them. However, her life takes a strange turn when she discovers Jellypop, a sentient flip phone, in her locker. Jellypop has a lot to say about her love life, especially as Su-ae drifts further away from Minu and finds herself running into Minu’s friend, Eunhyeok. Su-ae also suspects that Minu and her charismatic stepsister, Ra-im, might be more than just friends. 

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The manhwa is written and illustrated by Kkokkali and is currently ongoing. It has a rating of 9.35/10 on webtoons and has been followed by over 1.9 million people. The series is categorized under the genres of school life, romance, comedy, drama, and supernatural. It is available to read on various platforms, including webtoon.

Su-ae Shim is the main character of the series, and Minu Kang is her indifferent boyfriend. Ra-im is Su-ae’s charismatic stepsister, who seems to have it all. Eunhyeok is Minu’s friend, whom Su-ae finds herself running into. Jellypop is a sentient flip phone that Su-ae discovers in her locker, which has a lot to say about her love life.

Pure Love Operation Manga Spoiler 

The manga is about Su-Ae’s attempt to change her fate and Eun-Hyuk, who is caught up in her plan. The two go head-to-head, and Su-Ae tries to pretend to be in an affair but ends up getting really into it. The plan is to change their fate, but it is unclear whether it will work.

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There are spoilers available for the manga on various platforms, however, if you are interested in reading the manga, it is recommended to avoid spoilers and read it from the beginning to fully enjoy the story.

Who Is Yu Lime In Pure Love Operation

Yu Lime is a character in the manhwa (Korean comic) “Operation: True Love” or “Pure Love Operation.” Lime is a foster child who lives with the main character’s family after her parents died when she was young. Lime is one of Su-ae’s friends who becomes involved in the love triangle. While Lime is initially portrayed as a nice girl, she later cheats with Su-ae’s boyfriend and is happy when they break up. However, she still seems to care about Su-ae and is upset when she ignores her. Lime’s real name is not Yu Lime, but Ra-im.

Pure Love Operation: Where to read, and how much Chapters available?

Pure Love Operation is a romantic comedy series that can be found on the webtoon platform. The series is currently up to 55 plus chapters, and is updated regularly. Each chapter is filled with hilarious moments and heartwarming moments, as Sun Mi learns more about her two friends, and herself. As the story progresses, Sun Mi discovers more and more about her friends’ secrets, and her own identity.

Pure Love Operation

Pure Love Operation is a must-read series for anyone who loves a good romantic comedy. With its unique characters and storylines, it’s definitely worth a try. The series is available to read for free on the webtoon platform, so you can jump right in and start reading right away. There are 55 plus chapters available now, so you can easily catch up on all the fun and drama.

Pure Love Operation anime adaptation Release Date

No official release date for a potential anime adaptation of the Pure Love Operation manga series has been announced as of yet.

Overall, Pure Love Operation is an engaging and entertaining series that explores the complexities of high school romance. It has gained a significant following and is worth checking out for fans of the romance and drama genres.

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