Rakujitsu no Pathos: Season 2 Recap and Where to Read or Watch?

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Today we’re gonna explore more about Rakujitsu no Pathos, the manga or the anime series, as the series begins with an eye-opening recap.

What happens when Fujiwara, an up-and-coming mangaka, moves next door to Yuuki, who was his teacher back when he was in high school and who was also his first crush? Yuuki, who is now a married woman, is beginning a new life in the city, but her husband is always away on business, so she finds comfort in the company of her former student. However, what she does not realize is that Fujiwara can listen to everything that is happening in her apartment through the building’s thin walls…

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Although the manhwa is currently ongoing, the material is enough to make at least 24 episodes (currently 88 chapters). They can at least adapt till the Empire Cup tournament as the first season. There is a possibility that the fights will be in multiple episodes (like the fight between Xiang ye and Rennes ). It might be 1-2 episodes.

Where To Read or Watch Rakujitsu no Pathos?

For manga fans, you can read the series on Toomics or its official website. While anime fans can watch this series on IMDB, Crunchyroll, or Netflix, it all depends on your preference. But for me, I do recommend you watch this series on Crunchyroll in a legal way.

Rakujitsu no Pathos

This manhua is really good to read. The main character is weak, but he uses his knowledge from past lives to make him strong. If you read this manhua, I recommend you watch the anime too, because some of the stories in the anime are not in this manhua.

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