Reborn Rich Chapters 15 and 16 Theory: Dojun’s Wants to Invest in PowerBank

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Reborn Rich Chapter 15 and 16 possible Theory as Dojun and his family will use the powerbank share to gain further control and influence over the events of the webtoon, manipulating the events to ensure their revenge is successful and their family gains the respect they deserve. This will help Dojun to achieve his goals while also ensuring that the webtoon continues to get better and better as the story progresses.

Reborn Rich Chapters 15 and 16 Theory: Dojun's Wants to Invest in PowerBank

Dojun have become my favorite character in this comic reborn rich with his family getting the respect they deserve and his revenge against his toxic relatives minus the grandfather.  This revenge webtoon keeps getting better and better as I read it.

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This makes me nervous. We’ve already seen where the timeline was altered from its original events because of other moves Dojun made. This has that feeling of “it’s my last day as a police officer before I retire.”

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