Return of the Legend: All Available Chapters Review And Where To Read

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Return of the Legend is an epic fantasy comic and novels by Kim Kwang-Soo that has become very popular in the past few years. In this article, we’ll go over the first five chapters and give our thoughts about the book and where to read Return of the Legend online for free. For those who have read Return of the Legend, we’d also like to hear your thoughts about the manga. so now let’s move into the reviews!

In summary, due to the situation like the second IMF, the security company Jang Tae-san worked for goes bankrupt, and he becomes an unemployed man wandering around Noryangjin-dong. He loses his life saving an elementary school student who was almost hit by a car. But thanks to his good deed, he goes 14 years back in time and is welcomed to a new life.

However, the joy of being revived is short-lived. The thought of having to take the college entrance exam again makes me dizzy… But I remember all of the CSAT problems that I encountered while studying and the stock market graph I saw while working as a stockbroker. The last life was ruined, but the next life will become a success!

Return of the Legend: All Available Chapters Review

First, the artwork and story is very nice. I’m not going to spoil anything, but the artwork is beautiful and has a sort of ancient feel to it, which is appropriate for an epic series. The story starts off with a bang as it retells the classic tales that we all know so well. It goes on to tell about the history of Hyrule before Link was born. I think this will be great for people who aren’t familiar with the Berserk series and want to know more about what happened before Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, or Ocarina of Time. The first chapter ends with a very promising lead-in to what’s going to happen in future chapters. 

similar to Past Life Regressor but without the dungeon’s subplot. Although there is Martial Arts given to the MC by the gods, who also regressed him for saving a child from the vicious Truck-kun. Jae Taesan must now formulate ways to raise his family’s status from impoverished and in debt to wealthy.

Though the story is not original by any means and the art style is like a cleaner version of the first season of Rebirth of the 8th Circled Mage Season 1 (in my opinion) due to the crudely drawn characters, in “ROL” the style actually makes it better due to the MC’s immaturity and youth, and hopefully through the comic progression, the art style does as well.

His first step is to create a Web novel that was popular in his time in order to create capital for investing in stocks, which was also his job before he died. How lucky!

Return of the Legend

All the Kings are still in Daroth’s kingdom, and shortly after scrolls are discovered in the Library of the Ancients, with some read to the Kings, they begin to notice that something has changed. It seems the veil is dropping, causing deep concern.

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The second is to cultivate his inner Qi to acclimate into his body, which transforms him from a weak kid to a tall, Korean, and handsome man. Because of this, he disrupts the hierarchy on his morning school ride by being a Mr. Nice Guy.

The only magic involved is, like I said, the martial arts, although he’s the only one in Korea as far as we know who has this ability from the gods. Although the webtoon is currently at 25 chapters (from the time of writing this), it is mainly about him negotiating, investing, and fighting. With the occasional two girls falling for him, a future idol and his childhood crush,

I enjoy this comic because it’s suspenseful, comedic, and dumb/smart (info dumps). I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Where To Read Return of the Legend?

Fans can Read Return of the Legend on webtoon or manganato. The first chapter of the series is available for free, but a premium account and credit card are needed to read subsequent chapters. There are seven available chapters, but they are censored due to the website’s rating. In order to read this webcomic without any censoring, you can purchase it in printed form at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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