Rob Lucci was sold to the world government as a kid

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Did know that Rob Lucci was sold to the world government as a kid? Mother Carmel was a child trafficker dealing in orphans who operated in the Underworld several decades ago under the code name “Mountain Witch.” Mother Carmel selling her orphan wards to the World Government every two years to be trained as Marines or Cipher Pol agents shows that the World Government has no problems buying kids to train as Marines or Cipher Pol agents, and I doubt that they stopped when Mother Carmel died. I think Rob Lucci was sold to the world government as a kid.

The world government doesn’t even refer to him as a person anymore, just calling him a “weapon” to do their bidding… and the scars on Lucci’s back are in the exact shape of the World Government flag, because it reinforces the idea that he belongs to them and has never been allowed to be his own person.

Rob Lucci

You can actually see him here in Chapter 0 training as a kid with the World Government, so there is proof he went into the World Government at a very young age. The way he’s speaking, you can tell they’ve already brainwashed him with the “justice” stuff. So it would fit if, in fact, Lucci was actually bought by the world government as a kid.

source: Research and Reddit)

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