Roronoa Zoro Icons and Wallpapers You’ll Love

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Here’s the deal with Roronoa Zoro icon: He’s got a lot of them, he’s one of the most popular characters in One Piece and now that his own spin-off has aired, it seems like the demand for Zoro icon keeps growing. Here are 100+ Roronoa Zoro icon you can use on your phone or computer to keep you constantly reminded of one of the best pirate captains out there!

Roronoa Zoro (Pirate Hunter)

When it comes to icons, you’ll find a good amount of them here. From his classic look on down to his straw hat, cutlass and three swords, there are plenty of quality images of our favourite swordsman available for you to use in your designs. Be sure not to leave any Zoro fans out in your project! A big thanks go out to Mark Stuffs for providing these lovely Roronoa Zoro icon graphics in a great format for designers like us. Enjoy!

Black Swordsman Zoro

One Piece has always been one of my favourite anime, and Zoro is one of my all-time favourite characters. Here are some cool wallpapers with his image. These are all made by DeviantArt users who contributed these to share with everyone else in appreciation for a great character. He’s got an amazingly unique fighting style that involves three swords, a great attitude and personality, and he can do things no other character can do.

Straw Hat Luffy And Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro Splash Screens

Bad Ass Roronoa Zoro icons

Roronoa zoro icon
Roronoa zoro icon

If you’re a One Piece fan, then you probably love badass Roronoa Zoro just as much as we do. If that’s true, then there’s no better theme for your phone than one of these awesome icons. Featuring everything from Zoro striking his infamous war face to him doing that iconic pose with two swords, you’ll find something you like in here. Download today.

Roronoa Zoro icon Dreamwidth

This icon set has 44 icons from Roronoa Zoro from One Piece anime series. All are PNG files and have transparent backgrounds, ready to use on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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