Shoujo Ramune Episode 1 to 5 full videos & Every Details

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Shoujo Ramune episode 1, A story about the three main female characters, Komako, in their conquest for free snacks and candies with the help of a young candy store owner who understands their needs, The series contains four (4) episodes with a length of 20 minutes 30 seconds.

Here is a quick summary of the story, Tachikawa Kiyoshi is a business man that runs a candy shop, and his goal is to sell as much as possible along the lines Three main characters, Komako, Tenka and Sayama Chie always visit his shop which later lead to having s*x  with them.

Shoujo Ramune Episode 1

This video contains four episodes of Shoujo Ramune (Episodes 1 to 4) and I have also explained some details about the characters and the story. You can either scroll down for the video Recas. This video is perfect for those who want to watch the entire series or even rewatch some parts.

What Is Shoujo Ramune?

It a anime that is revolves around young children to act as an adult, the story was mainly focused on Semenovich Komako, Adachi Tenka and Sayama Chie.

Shoujo Ramune Characters

The main characters of Shoujo Ramune are:

Is Shoujo Ramune Legal?

Yes it is legal, but it seems an old man taking advantage of young children. I would said It is extremely enjoyable due to the presence of both beautiful art and excellent movement of the characters.

Where To Watch Shoujo Ramune?

Where to watch shoujo Ramune, Hanime is a great place to watch the video. Apart from that, other websites are just alternatives. So we do recommend Hanime or Bili Bili.

Shoujo Ramune Reviews!

Shoujo Ramune Episode 1

Here are some of the review s we received from stig viewers that share their thoughts about the Shoujo Ramune anime series.

According reviews, the anime’s entire premise is a old man taking advantage of the girls who frequently visit his shop to fulfill his s*x*l desires. Not only does this anime promote rape and pedophilia, it also does a great job of showing the wonders of grooming as well. Old men are probably watching this anime to get hard to little girls that is, Semenovich Komako, Adachi Tenka, and Sayama Chie, the main female characters.

Because of the adorable blossoming relationship between Semenovich Komako and Sayama Chie, I will personally give it a score of 5, instead of the 1 it deserved. It contained some of the most consensual s*x scenes between two female characters that I’ve ever witnessed in a h*nt*i, with no males interfering. They are also genuinely in love. Both Semenovich Komako and Sayama Chie were adorable characters, but they were obviously wasted in this anime.

Shoujo Ramune Release Date?

The anime adaptation was released in Japan in 2016. and was uploaded in 2017 It has since gained popularity worldwide and become a huge hit. In 2014, Hanime acquired the rights to produce an English language version of the show. The creator is planning to release episode 5 before some issues comes up. So for the main time they’re no episode 5 of Shoujo Ramune. The story is similar to overflow anime and Harem Cult.

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