Siren’s Lament: Is There Any Hope For New Season?

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Siren’s Lament: Is There Any Hope For New Season? I’m not sure why this story is getting the reviews that it is, but I personally loved it! The art is so pretty, the plot is solid, and the characters are all personable to some degree (and if you like to see well-drawn faces, there are plenty to see) as the series looks similar to bailin and li yun.

The story was well-paced and fairly well thought out. Instantmiso clearly always had a narrative direction and an idea of how to build her characters and the lore surrounding the curse. I can understand why some may think the end was rushed, but I honestly thought it wrapped up nicely. There were definitely moments where Miso had me on the ropes and trying to guess what big twists would happen next.

What We Know About The Series So Far

Character-wise, I think many people don’t appreciate the love triangle because it was initially quite basic and may have seemed kind of stupid at first. But, as the story continues and more mysteries begin to unravel, I think you will find that Miso did a good job with her main characters (although the execution may not have been perfect at the beginning). The second season brought about much more significant change amongst the characters, so you’ll see why it’s more than just a “love triangle.” Her author’s note at the end also adds more context to what she was going for, in case you didn’t quite catch their character motivations throughout the plot.

Siren's Lament: Is There Any Hope For New Season?

Siren’s Lament: Is There Any Hope For New Season?

Ever since the series The Siren’s Lament ended in 2020, there is no hope for a new season or chapter anymore. furthermore, we think the author will begin it with anime products soon or maybe he is currently working on a new project.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this series and ended up binge-watching the last 60 chapters until the sun came up the next morning! It was a pleasure to watch Instant Miso grow as an artist and storyteller. If you are hesitant to keep going based on your impressions of the first season, try to stick it out for the second. I promise it’ll be worth it.

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