Solo Leveling Season 3: Will There Be a Chapter 180? Release Date and Every Detail

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With Solo Leveling Season 3 coming to an end, fans are wondering if there will be another book in the future. At the end of Solo Leveling Season 1, it seemed like it would be the end of the series, and that there wouldn’t be another season since the story had already been completed. However, with the official release of Chapter 179, it’s starting to look like Solo Leveling Season 2 might not be over just yet. If you want to know more about whether or not there will be a Chapter 180, read on!

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The Possibility of a third Season

The final chapter of Solo Leveling ended with Sung Jin-Woo stalling the Dragon King Antares, who was on the verge of summoning his army to wipe out humanity. With only one chapter left in the series, it is hard to tell if there will be a second season or not. A few more plot twists could lead to a sequel but at this point we can only speculate. At least there would be a solo leveling season 3 or chapter 180 anytime soon so you’ll have plenty of time for solo level two! Yes, there would be solo leveling season 3 and a continuous Chapter 180, at least.

Solo Leveling chapter 180

 Despite there being few plot twists to end in a cliffhanger, there are many different ways that author Chugong could take his story. Some of which include another dark magician coming forth to stand up against evil; or perhaps we’ll follow Sung Jin-Woo as he tries to live an ordinary life after all of these events, attempting to have friends and maybe even start dating. The possibilities are endless!

There isn’t any official news regarding another season but there is hope that one may be released in near future. We’re glad you’ve enjoyed our content and if you want more information about Korean Drama releases or when Solo Leveling might return for season two please feel free to contact us here

The Release Date

DnC Webtoons have officially announced the release date. It’s confirmed! New chapters will be back on Jan 27th 8am EST, Webtoons decided to go on a break, but The announcement was made on their Twitter page, which read as follows: It’s confirmed! New chapters will be back on Jan 27th 8am EST.

It’s difficult to imagine what lies ahead for Byung-yong’s adventures in Solo Leveling – however, with any luck, there will be more content soon! If you are looking forward to new updates from this story then you can also buy Volume 3 at the site listed below. In addition, if you haven’t read it yet or want to reread it then check out Solo Leveling volume 1-2 at these sites: Webtoon (Chapter 1-130) 

solo leveling season 2 or Chapter 180

What We Know So Far

The likelihood that a manga will get an anime adaptation is higher than ever. In a recent interview with J-Cast News, manga author Chugong revealed that he is receiving offers from television networks to create an anime adaptation of his work before he passed away. and the new author said I’m always open to the idea, but it’s not something I can decide on my own, said Otsuka. I hope I can do a good job of choosing when the time comes. The number of TV animation productions for manga has increased in recent years. If a show gets an anime adaptation, you should also be able to expect that there will be more merchandise such as trading cards and figures.

The big question on everyone’s minds is whether or not there will be a chapter 180. If you are an anime fan, you probably know that usually manga titles that get animated usually also finish their story at about around 100 chapters (Bleach was about 76, One Piece has been going for 762, etc.). Since SNS2 is currently at 178 chapters and only releasing one chapter per month, many believe that it may end by around July or August. However, most do not take into account DnCwebtoon official policy which states : In addition to our monthly serialized titles… DnCwebtoon aims to publish light novels (including manga). We also run various other business including character merchandise sales as well as music production through J-HOPE Production.

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