Sora & Haena Season 2: is the manga Worth Reading? Recap and Release Date

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Sora & Haena Season 2 will be released soon. I am really excited and cannot wait to dive into the sequel of one of my favorite mangas of all time! After I read the first volume of Sora and Haena , I didn’t know what to expect since it was the first time that I read something so unusual and unique. I fell in love with this manga instantly and still love it so much! The story and art are absolutely wonderful, which definitely makes it worth reading!

In Short summary, Sora Yoon can hardly look a person in the eye without becoming a nervous mess. So how she ended up befriending some girls by lying about having a boyfriend is beyond her! Fortunately, she ran into the boisterous and sociable — albeit dense — Haena Woo at just the right time. Together they make a deal: Haena will help Sora land a boyfriend IF she can help her make it into college! Will they stick true to their agreement… or find they want something more?

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Sora & Haena Season 2: is the manga Worth Reading? 

Yes the manga is worth reading. The manga starts off with Sora waking up from a dream, she is confused about what it means. In the next scene, Sora had forgotten her name but she remembers that her parents are taking care of her. She also has a new sister named Yuna. One day, Sora’s father was working at the construction site for their house when he fell off the roof because of a wind gust. This results in him being hospitalized for an extended period of time due to his injuries. As a result, Sora takes on more responsibilities such as having to do laundry and cooking meals at home while also going to school every day.

In an attempt to help Sora get over her new responsibilities, Yuna decides to make a video game of her own design. She enlists Sora’s help by having her voice act as one of the characters in it. As she watches Yuna become more engaged in making a game that incorporates some of their parent’s old story ideas into a video game, Sora starts to remember more details about her life. She recalls that she once had a boyfriend who was always helping her out with her homework. She also remembers how much fun it was doing things like reading together or playing games together on weekends.

Sora & Haena

Sora & Haena Season 2 Release Date

Fans of the series will be happy to know that a season 2 is on its way, but there is no official release date at the moment. The series ended chapter 51 with Sora being jailed for a crime she didn’t commit. To make matters worse, the prosecutor assigned to her case is none other than her former love Mr hae, Haena. He’s determined to make sure that Sora pays for what she did.

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Meanwhile, her best friend Shiki decides to go after the real culprit in order to save Sora from spending years behind bars. It’s not going to be easy as they also need to find evidence that proves their theory is correct. So far they’ve not been successful as every lead they get turns up empty-handed.

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