Soulwinder Chapter 10: Recap and Every Detail! Release Date

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Soulwinder Chapter 10: In a city of clockwork, the worst day of Lyllian’s life ends in tragedy: Her date murdered by someone who shouldn’t exist. As Lyllian’s own struggle for survival unravels the mystery of her world, she learns of those known as Soulwinders—Who have the potential to recover what she lost.

You’ve finally reached the end of Soulwinder Manga Chapter 10. The story has come full circle, and now you’re ready to see how things turn out.

After the events of chapter 9, the Lyllian gang has split up into two groups. The group led by Tia has gone to the city of Rizumu to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the Soulwinder artifact. Meanwhile, the group led by Kaito has traveled to the town of Nara to look for clues regarding the whereabouts of the Soulwinder.

Soulwinder Chapter 9: What Will Happen Next?

I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone before. Lyllian wish came true. He gave Yui a new life. This is the beginning of Soulwinder.

The story of Soulwinder starts out with a young boy named Lillian who was born with  Brain arms. He lives in a wheelchair and spends his days watching TV. One day he meets a girl named Yui who has two arms and two legs. She tells him she wants to go outside and play. Kaito agrees to take her on a walk around town. They meet some other kids who also want to play outside. While they’re playing, Kaito notices that Yui seems sad. When he asks why she says she misses having arms and legs. That night, Kaito goes home and thinks about what Yui said. He decides to give Yui a pair of arms and legs. After that, Yui becomes happy and plays outside with everyone else.

Previous Recap?

This chapter was very emotional for everyone involved. I felt really sad for Ryoma and Ruri because they both went through a lot. They both had their heart broken and they both needed each other.

Soulwinder Chapter 10: Recap and Every Detail! Release Date

Tia and her team have arrived at the city of Rizumi where they discover that the Soulwinder artifact has been stolen from the museum. They also discover that the thief was none other than the legendary samurai warrior, Shirogane. As the story progresses, the Soulwinder Gang learns that the thief had intended to sell the artifact to the highest bidder

Soulwinder Chapter 9: Release Date

The Soulwinder manga series was released in Japan in 2022. Now, fans are wondering when they’ll get their hands on the next chapter.

Soulwinder Chapter 10 will be released on August 3, 2022, and fans can catch up or read the series on webtoons.

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