Space Boy Chapter 311 and 312: Oliver Future Dream! Release Date

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Space Boy Chapter 311 and 312 will be released soon, an fans would be able to catch up the series on Webtoon. 

Recap of the story, a young lady who is of another era. a young man who was taken over by a void as vast as space. A tale about a mysterious murder, an alien artifact, and a love that transcends all distances.

Space Boy Chapter 311

i find it interesting that the Wanderer respects ppl’s choices to some degree, they is still using Amy to get to Oliver, but still relies on consent in some manner. Makes me wonder how much is “complicated conflicting morals” that make them more interesting as a villian, or on some level programming that prevents wiping away someone’s consent (i still have an ongoing theory that they’re a robot possibly) or needing consent on some level otherwise the connection thing doesn’t work

Space Boy Chapter 311: What will happen Next?

Now that Zeph has found the building with the paintings, he is one step closer to finding out who he really is. But what will happen next? Will he find the answers he is looking for? Or will more questions arise? Tune in next time to find out!

Space Boy Chapter 311

Interesting that the trauma has now become a loophole for remembering the Wanderer. He can’t be aware of this already since I’m sure it’s never happened before, but I’d think he’ll be certain to try and destroy it once he does.

Previous Chapter Recap

In the previous chapter, Saito was trying to reveal a dream to Oliver. He said that he dreamed of a future where they were both living together in space. However, before he could finish telling Oliver about the dream, they were interrupted by a phone call from John. John said that he needed Oliver to come to his office right away.

Space Boy Chapter 312

As they left, Saito gave Oliver a goodbye kiss. When they got to John’s office, he explained that he needed help with his father’s case. His dad was being tried for various charges including tax evasion, misappropriation of funds and money laundering.

Space Boy Chapter 311: Release Date

Space Boy Chapter 311 will be released on 4 august 2022. This chapter is set in the future, where Oliver has to dream about his future self. In this dream, he needs to save the world from a giant robot. To do this, he needs the help of his friends. They all have to work together to defeat the robot and save the world. He also wants to find out how he saved the world with just one little person. Will they succeed?  Chapter 312 Will released Afterwards which Will be on 11 august 2022.

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