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Spy x Family Episode 9 Preview, Cut Babe Running

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On official Spy x Family release a visual art cover of Spy x Family Episode 9 Rainy day with the Forgers.

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Spy x Family Episode 9 Preview

Spy x Family has already established itself as one of the year’s most remarkable anime debuts, despite the fact that it has only aired ten episodes. In the two months that they’ve been on film, the Forger Family has garnered a legion of followers. And now, ahead of the episode’s premiere this week, the first stills for episode nine have been released.

Spy x Family has revealed the first stills from episode nine ahead of its release this weekend, as you can see. The release will follow the most recent episode of season one, which introduced Yuri Briar to the world. Yor had mentioned that her brother would like to meet Loid at some point, but their encounter did not go as planned.

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Spy x Family Episode 9 Release Date

Based on the release schedule that the series has been following so far, the upcoming episode will be released on June 4, 2022.  That Episode 9 of Spy x family was released today.

Fans Reaction

This only one episode per a week thing is so annoying. Let me watch whole season at once. I lost all of my hype with this way. Allright Maybe I haven’t lost all of it, but most of it is gone. Please do something anime gods by @Jauf Jılmaz

@spyfamily_en I really like the couple Loid and Yor, they look so cute

@ty_3mha Cant wait for peak to return on Saturday

What are your thoughts on this first peek at the next episode of Spy x Family? Are you following season one so far? Let us know what you think in the comments area below, or reach out to me on Twitter @Stig.

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