Straylight Tiger Chapter 39: Will Pythos take over Adonis’ body? Release Date & Recap

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Straylight Tiger Chapter 39, If you haven’t read Straylight Tiger yet, read this chapter and then consider reading the first 38 chapters before the next release.

In summary: When humans can shift into animals, manipulate elemental powers, or possess weapons created from otherworldly metals, things undoubtedly escalate quickly. Still, as an extremist cult emerges to dominate the one city that unites the three species, a powerful corporation recruits a secret task force to challenge them.

Straylight Tiger Chapter 39: What Will Happen Next?

Aww man, I really had hoped that this episode would be about Angie learning to shift so she could use it on the battlefield. And I also want to see the faces of her teammates when they find out she’s a tiger hybrid shifter. And btw, this episode was also really good. We got introduced to a few newer characters.

OK, it looks like there is more than one person using a humanoid King Ghidorah to commune with mortals. Jeez, Gilded Emperor. How badly did Godzilla beat you up this time?

Straylight Tiger chapter 39

Will Pythos take over Adonis’ body while swapping Adonis’ consciousness into a different body? OR taking Liv’s body and putting Liv into Adonis’s? In either case, we’ll get some identity shenanigans, and if the first theory is the case, then Angy will probably think Adonis became part of the cult, which adds emotional damage to the smoothie.

Previous Chapter Recap

The vessel is Adonis, she was eating dinner with her family when she got a call from the Straylight Tigers. They had been pulled into a meeting where they were being told that their services would no longer be needed.

Straylight Tiger Chapter 39 Release Date 

Straylight Tiger Chapter 39 will be released on or before October 28th. We’re not going to give a release date yet, but you can expect it in the next few weeks. I’m not sure what all that was about, but I suspect it’s good news.

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