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Suitor Armor to Get Anime Adaptation This Year

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Fans of the popular manga series Suitor Armor are in for a treat this year, as the series has been announced to be receiving an anime adaptation. The Suitor Armor manga has been running since 2020 and has garnered a dedicated fanbase due to its unique blend of fantasy and romance. Now, the series is set to receive an anime adaptation that will surely bring the story to life for many new viewers.

Suitor Armor is a popular manga

Suitor Armor is a manga series written and illustrated by Purpah that follows the story of Lucia, a young lady-in-waiting tasked with the duty of selecting a suitor for the royal wedding. As she begins to explore the kingdom, she finds herself falling head over heels for Modeus, a mysterious knight to the king’s guard. It quickly becomes clear that Modeus is more than just a knight in shining armor – he is actually an enchanted suit of armor without a soul! This story follows the twists and turns of Lucia’s journey as she learns more about Modeus and discovers the mysteries of the kingdom.
The manga has gained popularity since its release in 2020 due to its unique take on traditional romance stories. The series has been praised for its gorgeous artwork and intricate storyline. In addition, it has also won awards for its thoughtful exploration of themes such as love and courage. Suitor Armor is currently available in English, both digitally and in print, making it accessible to readers around the world.

The story is about a girl who must choose a suitor

Lucia is a young girl living in a small kingdom, ruled by her mother, the Queen. When Lucia comes of age, she must select a suitor from among her kingdom’s strongest and bravest warriors. This means that she must choose a man who can protect her kingdom and lead it into a prosperous future. Lucia struggles with the decision, as she knows that she must choose wisely or else risk her kingdom’s future. She meets several potential suitors, including Modeus, Norrix, and Rion. Modeus is an experienced warrior and has dedicated his life to protecting the kingdom, while Norrix and Rion have their own skills and attributes that make them worthy candidates for the throne.

Lucia must find the best candidate for her kingdom, but also make sure that her own feelings are taken into account. In the end, she must decide who will be the best for both her and her kingdom. Through this journey, Lucia learns about courage, friendship, love, and loss. It’s an emotional roller coaster filled with lessons on how to make tough decisions and trust your instincts.

The anime will be released this year

Good news for fans of the manga series Suitor Armor: the anime adaptation is finally coming! The popular manga has just come to its mid-season finale, and it’s now been confirmed that the anime adaptation will be released by the end of the year. The release date is yet to be announced, but fans are already eagerly awaiting this exciting new adaptation.

The anime will tell the story of a young girl who must choose from among a group of suitors in a tournament to decide her fate. With some familiar faces from the manga and some exciting new ones, the anime promises to provide an exciting new look at this beloved series. For those who can’t wait for the anime, the manga is available in English. So grab your copy and get ready for the upcoming anime adaptation of Suitor Armor!

The manga is available in English

Fans of Suitor Armor will be excited to learn that the series is available in English. The English translation of the manga is available for reading on Webtoon, allowing fans all over the world to follow the story of the heroine and her struggle to choose a suitor. Whether you’re a fan of the original Japanese manga or just curious to find out what it’s all about, you can read the English version on Webtoon. Don’t miss your chance to get caught up on the story before the anime adaptation releases this year!

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