Superstar Associate Manager Chapter 6: Jihyeok Sing On Stage!  Everything You Need to Know? Release Date

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Superstar Associate Manager Chapter 6, While some music fans would be more interested in listening to this exciting series, many others would be more interested in reading it. 

At Korea Capital, a financial institution, Hoyeon Cheon is an assistant manager, but his career isn’t moving further. After a long night of karaoke with coworkers, he decides to sing one more song while doing the cleanup. He doesn’t know that Jihyeok Han, the wild-child rock star, has been waiting for the right person to host his star power.

his song shocked the audience, his friend, the superstar, was the only one close to the loading speakers. Later, he would join Jihyeok han. So let us see what we have detailed about this series so far.

Superstar Associate Manager Chapter 6:  What Will Happen Next?

Jihyeok Han was so happy to be on stage for the first time. He had always wanted to be a singer, and now he was finally getting his chance. He knew that he had to make the most of this opportunity and show everyone what he was made of. 

Superstar Associate Manager Chapter 6

So, he practiced diligently with Sunbae Jin before the actual performance day. His practice went well, but when it came time for him to perform live, he just couldn’t do it. Jin told him not to worry about anything and just enjoy himself on stage, but Jihyeok just couldn’t do it. He walked out onto the stage with all eyes looking at him, only to freeze up at his spot in front of the microphone stand.

Previous Chapter Recap

Jihyeok Han sings an amazing song on stage that makes everyone feel happy. However, Seoyeon, his girlfriend, is not in the audience. She is backstage, where she tells him that she is pregnant. Jihyeok is shocked and doesn’t know how to react. 

Superstar Associate Manager

Meanwhile, Jihae, Jihyeok’s best friend, is also at the concert. 

She sees Seoyeon backstage and tells her that Jihyeok is looking for her. Jihyeok walks onstage and talks about the meaning of his new song. He says that it is dedicated to a woman who made him stronger-Seoyeon. He thanks her for giving him a baby before he concludes by saying, “I will never forget you.” The couple hugs each other while they are crying on stage as the crowd goes wild.

Where to Read Superstar Associate Manager

If you’re a fan of the Superstar Associate Manager manga series, you’ll be happy to know that the latest chapter was just released. You can read it on webtoons. Or other alternatives website mangahua.

Superstar Associate Manager Chapter 6:  Release Date

Superstar Associate Manager Chapter 6, The much-anticipated release of Superstar Associate Manager is finally here! Released on Wednesday, July 20, this manga series is sure to take the world by storm. You can always read more manga news updates in stig so we advise you to visit your page from time to time.

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