Swordmaster’S Youngest Son Chapter 28: Romero Bottle with Jin! Release Date

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The Swordmaster’s youngest son chapter 28, Jin Runcandel, was always a bright and curious child. He was never content to just sit and watch as the other kids played. He always wanted to know how everything worked and why things happened the way they did. So, when he found a mysterious bottle while exploring the storm castle, he just had to open it to get a gift of shadow magic power.

Jin is the youngest son of the Runxandel family, and one of the gifted with shadow magic power, and a talented swordmaster in his family. The Swordmaster’s

Youngest Son Chapter 28: What Will Happen Next?

jin runcandel and kajin

In the previous chapter of Swordmaster’s Youngest Son, we saw the young hero, Jin, undergoing a rigorous training regimen in order to become a strong swordsman like his father, Chiron. While Jin is highly motivated to become the best swordsman he can be, he is also starting to feel the pressure of the intense training. In this chapter 28, we will see what happens next as Jin tries to maintain his focus and determination in the face of adversity.

As Romero fought with Jin, he realized that he was evenly matched with the other swordsman. Both of them had been trained by masters and had years of experience. It was clear that this was going to be a long and difficult fight.

Previous Chapter Recap

Swordmaster’S Youngest Son Chapter 28

In the previous Swordmaster’S Youngest Son Chapter 27, Jin Runcandel won a terrible fight and was promoted to 5th, award. So Kajin was about to fight Jin at this time. Kajin Romero was confident that he would win the fight against Jin. After all, he had mastered the art of sword fighting. However, he was quickly proven wrong. Jin Runcadel was a much better fighter than he anticipated. The two men fought fiercely, and neither of them could gain an advantage. Eventually, they both ran out of stamina and had to take a break.

Kajin was humiliated. He had never been beaten so easily before. He was determined to get revenge. The next time they fought, he would make sure that Jin was the one who ended up humiliated, which was a total fluke in my opinion. The Swordmaster’s.

Swordmaster’S Youngest Son Chapter 28: Release Date

The previous chapter 27 of Swordmaster’S Youngest Son was released on 2, July and chapter 28 will be released on July 7, 2022.

Following by a fight against kajin romero and Jin runcandel the most give shadow magical powers in Runcandel family.Swordmaster’S

Youngest Son Characters

Here are the main characters:

  1. Chiron Runcandel – father and the king
  2. Jin Runcandel – the strongest young swordman with a gifted shadow magic power.
  3. Mary Runcandel – jin 6th old sister.
  4. Daytona runcandel and Haytona – the two twins of runcandel family.
  5. Kajin romero 

Where to Read the Swordmaster’S Youngest Son?

Fans are able to catch up and read the series on Asurascans and Mangafox.

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