Taming the Marquess Returns to Webtoons

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After a brief hiatus, the popular webtoon “Taming the Marquess” is set to return with new chapters starting this week. Fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting the continuation of the story, which follows the adventures of Laranora Ador and Eskal Van Dyck, the “Crazy Marquess”.

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The series, created by Rofan Gourmet, revolves around Laranora Ador, who rescues a young boy from being sold off in an infamous auction house. Unbeknownst to her, the boy is actually Eskal Van Dyck, the “Crazy Marquess,” in disguise. Despite his violent and heartless true nature, Laranora takes Eskal under her wing, determined to raise him with utmost care and respect. 

As the two grow closer, the true Eskal begins to fall in love with Laranora1.However, their journey is far from smooth, as Eskal’s powerful magic and ruthless ways often make him a target, leading to a tragic event that separates the two. Determined to find Laranora again as his true self, Eskal embarks on a quest to reunite with her. The story raises questions about whether Laranora will be able to accept Eskal’s true identity and what will happen when something fishy brewing in the Imperial Palace involves them both.

Taming the Marquess has garnered a dedicated fanbase, with readers praising the warm art style, diverse characters, and intriguing plot. The series has been serialized on various platforms, including Webtoon, Tappytoon, and Naver Web Novel.

As the story continues to unfold, fans can look forward to more exciting developments in the lives of Laranora and Eskal. With the return of “Taming the Marquess” to Webtoons, readers can once again immerse themselves in the captivating world of magic, romance, and intrigue.

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