TeaRia Chapter 73: Recap, Review and The Release Date

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The creator of TeaRia Manga series recently tweeted that the pain in his neck is killing him: “I can’t move my head easily and can’t sit for more than half an hour to draw anymore.” This means the series will go on break. Read on to find out what will happen next.

In summary, Alisandre of TeaRia Kingdom is a young prince who simply refused to be forced into marriage. After a duel against the talented peasant Willet, Alisandre enlists the man as his personal bodyguard. Though from different backgrounds, the two grow fond of each other as they spend time together.

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Review and Recap

There isn’t much you need to know about this story other than this: The main character, Pei, is exactly what you’d get if you took Yvienne from Ciel and fed her amphetamines. Another way of saying it is that Pei appears to have been inspired by Yvienne in all particulars, from her attitude to her way of speaking and her appearance.


The plot is substantially different, which is the saving grace of this story. The writing is more than a bit disjointed, but, as a friend says, “The story rises above the writing.” It’s a fun, light read.

The story is primarily a drama with fairly frequent comic relief. After reading three volumes, I can say that the trend is toward darker stories, which we can expect to see in the next volume or two and are fairly typical of this category. Other than Pei and her nemesis at school, most of the characters are fairly superficially painted, with no depth to speak of so far.

If you approach this without expecting anything great, you’ll do fine. As I said, it has been a fun, quick read so far. The time you spend on this series won’t be wasted.

TeaRia Chapter 73: Release Date 

The creator itself said it easier that there is No schedule, he said, he will upload whenever I want, trying to follow a schedule is not necessary. so at this pointing time we are just trying to said it will be out on or before 13th December 2022.

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