The Abandoned Empress: Will There Be a season 4 or Chapter 146? The Recap and Where to Read!

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The Abandoned Empress series has been loved by readers and viewers alike, with the first season being watched by millions around the world. The story has captivated audiences with its intricate plot, which follows one of the main characters throughout their journey to uncover the truth behind their lost past. The official Instagram page keeps followers updated on the storyline, but the question remains – will there be a season 4? Or will there be just one more chapter to round off this unforgettable series? Let’s explore together what awaits us in episode 146 of The Abandoned Empress and what fate holds in store for our favorite characters!

The Abandoned Empress: Will There Be a season 4 or Chapter 146? 

No, The Abandoned Empress has ended. It has been an extremely long journey, but it is finally over. This is not the end, but just the beginning of something new. We hope you all have enjoyed this series as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. Season one to two (1-3) is a compelling manhwa of a young woman striving to escape the shackles of prophecy no matter the odds, With an intriguing premise, jaw-dropping art, an impressive lineup of supporting characters, this first volume is worth its weight in gold.

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The manhwa had a hasty end, according to the publisher, so the story itself could not narrate the true events of the past, or clarify them. The story is not about the protagonist staying with the man who hurt her; rather, both were victims in the past, for the political interests of the true villain, who was barely shown.

The Abandoned Empress Chapter 1 to 146? The Recap and Review

The deserted Empress, an Isekai seen through the eyes of a supporting character (you get what I’m saying, right? XD), this is how I initially saw it. Due in large part to the conclusion, I find myself experiencing a range of emotions while thinking about this narrative.

Story: 3. The tale has the potential to be both enjoyable and horrifying at the same time. It was difficult for me to read the first few chapters because I really felt bad for the protagonist. However, this reveals the reasons why she wants to change her future, and these moments featuring Aristia are really the best ones. It actually makes me want to cry every time I see Aristia fighting to live her life as she wants, peacefully and with her father. She deserves the best, but here comes the problem: the prince and the romance. Every time I see Aristia fighting for this, it makes me want to cry. Why bother having romantic sequences with her abuser if you’re going to have your heroine act like she doesn’t love the other people in the group who are obviously much better? Whatever the case may be, I just can’t bring myself to accept this. I get that it’s another life, that it’s a story, that it’s not real, etc., but what about the people who are actually reading it? What kind of information does the author impart to those who read their work? That it is acceptable to remain in a relationship with your abuser because “he can change”? It seems to me that the author is trying to romanticize abuse, and along with this comes the stereotypical “girls being enemies because of a boy” dynamic. I see the prince as the only person who should be considered the antagonist in the love triangle, and it breaks my heart to see the two of the girls insulting each other when they were both hurt by the same person. And despite the fact that I adore seeing Aristia be who she chooses to be, the fact that she is still being used and controlled causes me a great deal of pain.

Art: 9. Regardless of how the story unfolds, the artwork is stunning. The artist did an excellent job overall, but I must say that my favorite part is the wardrobe; omg, the clothes are gorgeous! I also want to comment on the shadows cast by the trees because I really like how realistic they seem to be.

The Abandoned Empress chapter 146 or season 4

Character number six It seems like if you aren’t friends with the protagonist, you must be a vile human being, which is one of the issues that I have with this as well. The characters come across as being very simplistic. I also do not like how Aristia began to act at the end of the story; it seems as though she has forgotten about all that the prince done to her and has placed all of the responsibility on Jieun (same goes to her). Carsein and Keirean are the only ones who are truly worth it; they are angels that were sent by God. Don’t get me wrong, I said he was a little plain, but there are others who I really like the way they were made with their good and bad sides just like humans are, for example, Allendis.

Enjoyment: 4. It’s the first time a webtoon has made me want to cry out of happiness as well as anger, and I hate the ending and the story. I just hate the ending and the story, but I love Aristia’s determination so much that my feelings are always on top.

4. Overall, if the author could just make her a single character, I wouldn’t mind the rest of it so much. Do not have the protagonist behave in a way that is so incredible just for the sake of a man who, as I have said before, is not worth it and whose reasons for acting the way he did are ridiculous. This would be a waste of time and effort.

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The only reason I kept reading it was because I believed the webtoon was going to have a different ending and because I was interested in the dresses, but in the end I do not recommend that it be read.

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where can i read the abandoned empress

You can read it on Tappytoon to support the creator, and Tappytoon’s comic has been running for five years. Fans can read the manga of the story at this website. There is also an app available on both Android and iOS called Tappytoon that allows you to read the comic, vote for what happens next, as well as purchase merchandise related to the series.

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