The Academy’s Undercover Professor Chapter 7: Recap, Where to Read and Release date

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The Academy’s Undercover Professor Chapter 7: It has been a days since my last post and I’m still buried under this huge project I can’t seem to get away from, but I’m still here! Today, I have decided that it’s time to write the final fantasy entry of The Academy’s Undercover Professor’s sixth chapter where we will recap, where you can read and of course the release date. As you all know by now, there are still more chapters left before the end of our story and after that there will be three bonus chapters which will lead into the sequel in 2023.

The Academy's Undercover Professor Chapter 7: Recap, Where to Read and Release date

Recap: Machiavelli and Gerrard are just two of the numerous identities the new professor at Ceoren Academy uses to conceal his own identity. Now that he has Professor Ludger Cherish under his belt, he can add one more name to his long list of aliases. The original Ludger Cherish is killed in a terrorist incident that takes place aboard a train, which makes him the ideal candidate for a new identity. Ludger Cherish was involved in something profound and shrouded in mystery, but the new professor has no idea about this. The new Professor Ludger must exercise extreme caution so that he does not get discovered by either the school or the treacherous secret society.

The Academy’s Undercover Professor Chapter 6: What Will Happen next?

In the chapter we get a glimpse of Ludger and his friend. Ludger has been captured and has to do undercover work for the Academy. He will be sent out on missions that the Academy deems necessary. What Ludger doesn’t know is that he will still be alive and just got tired because he escaped.

I haven’t given up hope that the real spy is still alive because we haven’t found his body. Sure, his hideout is in the mountains at a high altitude, but who knows? Maybe there will be a search and rescue mission, and they will find him clinging to life.

Previous Chapter recap

In the previous The Academy’s Undercover Professor Chapter 5 You know what? At this point, just go all in. By the time anyone figures out you AREN’T a Ludger, they’ll doubt their intel on that. Make it a challenge. You already took down a government. Let’s see what else we can do.

The Academy's Undercover Professor Chapter 7: Recap, Where to Read and Release date

It is possible that the President is a telepath due to the apparent way in which she was reacting to him and his thoughts. Or perhaps she harbors suspicions about him or Ludger? due to the manner in which she is behaving and responding to MC. It seemed as though she was aware of something or was making inferences about MC or Ludger. It appears that she has a high IQ.

Where to Read The Academy’s Undercover Professor manga?

Fans can read the series on webtoon. The series is set for release on October 14th 2022 . I love that he still wants to be a good teacher, despite not actually being a teacher. It’s kind of adorable. Also, I’m interested in finding out who the new lady is. She’s really pretty.

The Academy’s Undercover Professor Chapter 7 Where to Read and Release date

The next chapter will release on the 14th October. If you missed any of the previous chapters be sure to check them out on our website. We also have a recap below if you want a quick summary before reading. Remember you can follow us on Twitter @stig.

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