The Breaker Eternal Force Chapters 1 to 20: Every Detail, Review, and Recap! Released Date

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The Breaker Eternal Force, Are you looking forward to reading The Breaker Eternal Force? If so, then you should read this article. This is because it contains some interesting information that you might want to know before you start reading the manga.

I’ve just finished reading the entire 20 chapters of The Breaker series, and I’m so excited to be able to share my thoughts on it with you. This was an absolutely amazing read, and I can’t wait to see what happens next in Part 2 (and by the way, it’s already been announced that there will be Part 2!). It’s always great when a series ends its first volume with so many unanswered questions and very few loose ends because it makes me anticipate the second part even more! So here are my thoughts on The Breaker Eternal Force manga.

The Breaker Eternal Force Chapters 21: What Will Happen Next?

After defeating his arch enemy, Haje has finally realized that he was wrong about Kun being stronger than him. He now realizes that Haje Kang is the true hero, and he decides to join him in saving Earth from Frieza.

The White Dragon Empire is now at its peak. The Emperor has already declared himself emperor and he is ready to take his revenge against the Black Dragon Empire. He has also sent out his army to destroy the remaining Black Dragon Empire forces.

The Breaker Eternal Force Chapter 21, Haje Kang was in the battlefield. He had a sword named “Sword of the Heavens”. When he was fighting against the enemy, he saw a girl who was crying. She said, “I am sorry.” Then she disappeared.

Recap and Review

Haje Kang can’t take it anymore. Pushed to the breaking point by relentless bullying, Haje stands at the edge of the school roof, ready to end it all. But just as he’s about to jump, he’s given a push — literally — by a mysterious upperclassman named Si-un Lee, only to wake up the next day, unscathed. Little does Haje know that Si-un happens to be one of the most powerful martial artists in the Murim, the hidden world of martial arts. Haje begs Si-un to train him, but he never could have imagined just how tumultuous things could get in the martial arts underworld.

The Breaker Eternal Force Chapters 1 to 20 Every Detail, Review, and Recap! Released Date


Hajime is a very strong character, but he also has some weaknesses. One day, he meets a girl named Ruri. She is a mysterious woman who seems to know a lot about him. Soon after meeting her, he starts having strange dreams. In these dreams, he sees himself killing other people. When he wakes up, he finds out that he has killed someone.

After that incident, Hajime goes into hiding and becomes a professional assassin. He kills several criminals and tries to cover up his identity. After a while, he gets tired of being a killer and decides to quit. He then meets a new friend named Yuki. Together, they start a new life together.

The Breaker Eternal Force Characters

The main character of the series is:

Haje Kang is a very strong protagonist who always tries to save those around him. He also has a good friend named Eunho Kim. They both live together in a school camp.

The Breaker Eternal Force Chapters 1 to 20: Released Date

It’s been a long wait, but the final chapters of The Breaker Eternal Force are finally here! Chapter 1 to 19 were released on May 1st, July 28, so fans can now enjoy the conclusion to this fantastic story. Our hero returns home from his training with Grimward, a reclusive archmage who has agreed to teach him dark magic in order to save his friend. But all is not well in Kaltara as Kai finds out that demons have invaded the land, intent on bringing it under their control! 

A magic-powered armored vehicle called Leviathan travels through the demon-infested lands, defending against their attacks and protecting civilians. A powerful necromancer named Malacore is one of those who seeks to free Kaltara from demonic tyranny. Can Kai find a way to save his people? He will need all his newfound powers if he hopes to succeed!

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Where to Read The Breaker Eternal Force

The Breaker Eternal Force

If you want to read a manga that will make you feel good after you finish reading it, then you should definitely check out The Breaker Eternal Force. This novel was written by GEUKJIN JEON and published by JINHWAN PARK. The best-recommended place to read this series is on webtoons to support the authors. And 1stkissmanga is an alternative site to read the manga.

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