The Crown Princess Scandal Manhwa: Here’s All You Need to Know

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“The Crown Princess Scandal” is a popular manhwa series that has gained a lot of attention since its release. The story follows Min Bo-ha, who possesses the psychic ability to read memories with her hands. Abandoned by her family and living from hand to mouth, one day she is given the position of Crown Prince in place of her injured brother. Bo-ha puts on makeup and tries to fulfill her duties as a Crown Prince, but little did she know this decision would change her life forever.

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The Crown Princess Scandal Plot

Victimized by her little sister’s trick, Hwa-yeong heads to the imperial palace to participate in the crown princess selection process. Now she’ll have to put up with six months of palace stays. As a last resort, Hwa-yeong tries to do everything wrong to get disqualified and sent home early, but instead finds herself in the royals’ favor. What’s worse, coincidence keeps bringing Shin-yeong, the Crown Prince, into her way, and now things are becoming more intense and personal for both of them. “You wish to get kicked out now? I’ll do everything in my power to see the opposite happen!”.

The Crown Princess Scandal Characters

The main character of the series is Min Bo-ha, who is forced to take on the role of Crown Prince. Other important characters include Hwa-yeong, the protagonist of the Crown Princess selection process, and Shin-yeong, the Crown Prince.

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The Crown Princess Scandal Reviews

The Crown Princess Scandal

The series has received mixed reviews. Some readers praise the plot and the unpredictability of the story, while others criticize the characters and their actions. One reader stated, “This story is overall perfect; there’s no cliche or overacting at all. That’s why it’s now my favorite historical manhwa. And both ML and FL suit each other.” Another reader found the FL frustrating and the plot lacking, stating, “This wasn’t for me. I can appreciate how good the plot was and how dramatic it ended up being, but I wish it had focused more on the actual competition. We got maybe three chapters of actual competition before it was down to the final 100. Also, the FL was so frustrating. 

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“The Crown Princess Scandal” is a popular manhwa series that follows Min Bo-ha, who is forced to take on the role of Crown Prince. The series has received mixed reviews, with some readers praising the plot and others criticizing the characters and their actions. Despite this, the series has gained a lot of attention since its release and is a must-read for fans of the genre.

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