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The Director of Vinland Saga Season 2 Announced the Second Global Fan Art Contest

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Early this morning, the original director of Vinland saga season 2 announced the global fan art contest, which will benefit artists and animators. This contest is currently underway; read on for more details.

Participate via Twitter with artists from around the world!

The 2nd Global Fan Art Contest will be held to commemorate the start of “Vinland Saga” SEASON 2!

The Fan art related to the VINLAND SAGA is solicited on Twitter from all over the world, and in addition to the prizes of each category, there will be special prize presented by lottery from those who participated!
We look forward to seeing your art that full of love for “VINLAND SAGA”!

Entry Period

January 9, 2023 (Monday) to June 30, 2023 (Friday) 23:59 (JST)

How to Enter

  1. Follow the official VINLAND SAGA Twitter account (@V_SAGA_ANIME).
  2. Tweet your artwork / photograph / video related to VINLAND SAGA in a tweet with the #VINLAND_FANART2 hashtag.
  3. And you’re done! Winners will be notified by DM.


★ Grand Prize ★

iPad Pro 12.9 inch & Apple Pencil &
Character design/Animation director: Takahiko Abiru’s special iPad case set using newly drawn illustrations & Key Frame Replica (Same Illustration) with serial number for 1 person

★ Runner-up Prizes ★

Character design/Animation director: Takahiko Abiru’s Key Frame Replica with serial number, using newly drawn illustrations for 5 people

Plus! Ten Raffle Winners from All Submitters

Raffle winners will receive SEASON2 Main Visual Poster

Contest Conditions and Details

・Participants that took part in the 1st Global Fan Art Contest can also participate.

・Submitters may submit as many artworks as they please during the duration of the campaign. Please do not submit the same artwork more than once.

・Submitters may receive only one of the available prizes.

・Submissions from private accounts and submissions that do not contain the required hashtag will not be entered into the contest. Please be careful.

・Submitted illustrations / photographs / videos should be original content made personally by the submitter. Be sure you have the necessary permission to use anyone else’s IP, likeness, or any other content related to your submission that you might not have the rights to use.

・Please do not submit content that qualifies as an attack against specific people or groups, content that may inflict economic or psychological distress, content that qualifies as libel or an insult, or content that will trouble external parties in general.

・In the event that content does invoke a conflict between the submitter and an external party, the responsibility of alleviating the conflict (including financial responsibility) lies with the submitter.

・Winners will be picked / judged after the conclusion of the entry period. Winners will be contacted through direct messaging to the account with which they followed the official account, so please continue to follow the official account after you have made your submission.

・To receive your prize, you will be asked to supply shipping information through direct messaging. Please respond within the given time limit. If shipping information cannot be confirmed within the time limit, your rights as a winner will be revoked.

・We will not respond to complaints or requests for shipping reattempts in any circumstance.

・Your personal information will only be used for the purpose of shipping your prize.

・Your artwork submissions, comments, and account information may be used on VINLAND SAGA official websites and social media accounts.

・We cannot respond to inquiries regarding contest results.

・This campaign is not related in any form to the company Twitter.

This is a great opportunity for all artists at the moment. Go on and try your luck.

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