The Lady and the Beast Chapter 96: Preview and Release Date

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If you are wondering what The Lady and the Beast Chapter 96 might be like, here’s a preview to tide you over until the release date on December 1st, 2022. Don’t forget to bookmark this page as we’ll keep updating it with new preview chapters before the official release! Below is the story of The Lady and the Beast Chapter 95, so if you are looking for something more recent, use the navigation menu above (e.g., [The Lady and the Beast Chapter 96]). Enjoy!

Overview of The Lady and the Beast Chapter 96
The Lady and the Beast Chapter 96: Preview and Release Date

In this preview, Duke finally gets to see her father again, but things take a turn when he tells her about his future plans. She’s not sure if she can forgive him for what he plans on doing with Maurice’s life savings.


Following a life of bloodshed and heartbreak, the great Empress Martina is reborn as Astina, the genius daughter of a humble count. But her peaceful world is shattered when bankruptcy forces her father to marry her off to the dangerous Archduke Atalenta. All of high society knows him as “Terriod the Beast” because of a family curse that turned him into a wild monster. Luckily, even the deadly beast of Atalenta is no match for the former empress’s mighty sword. Everyone is shocked when the new archduchess tames her husband all too easily and takes over as the family head. No one’s more surprised than Astina, however, when her casual kiss returns Terriod to his human form. Not only does he resemble her past life lover, but he has no memory of her from his wolf days. Despite these awkward circumstances, can the new power couple join hands to rule over the archduchy?

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What We know About The Series So Far 

In chapter 20 the Mc dropped a line that skyrocketed my opinion of her. She was still so full of anger, but she also seemed to have a bit more empathy. That’s what I liked about her.

However, this story so far can be split into three distinct sections, each with its own (somewhat separate) appeal. The introductory section (Ch. 1–5) is the worst section. It’s setting the stage by showing Astina’s prodigious sword skills and intelligence, which come from her being Empress Martina reincarnated. If you can get through that section, the second section (Ch. 6-24) is very entertaining. It offers the hope of bestiality s3x between a giant wolf and a human girl, and I’m not ashamed to admit that this hope added a very compelling piece of tension and interest to the story. Primarily, though, it’s super cute to see the wolf in its domesticated form, acting all doglike and stuff. This section also shows Astina taking power as the Grand Duchess and dealing with the corrupt vassals trying to take advantage of the Grand Duke being incapacitated. The third section (Ch. 25–present) has only just started, but it has so far dealt with the Grand Duke returning to his human form and being impressed with the work Astina has done. While I feel some disappointment that bestiality might now be off the table, I do enjoy the story potential of the Grand Duke waking up to find himself already married and having to get to know his wife from that point on.

The Lady and the Beast Chapter 96: Preview and Release Date

They’ve been slowly unveiling what actually went down back in Martina’s lifetime, especially concerning the person she loved, Theodore, and what led to Martina tearfully killing her.

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The Lady and the Beast Chapter 96: Release Date

The Lady and the Beast Chapter 96 will be released on 1st December. In it, the author Maginot Seon explores what happens when a woman falls in love with a beast. We see as our heroine’s fate draws nearer to her dark and mysterious stranger, where they are both trying to figure out who they are while grappling with the realities of their respective worlds. It’s an epic journey that spans kingdoms and defies destiny – all culminating into a happily ever after for one girl who learned how to believe in herself. Fans can read the series on tappytoon as the series is not yet available on Webtoons.

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