The Pizza Delivery Man and the Gold Palace: Is It Worth Reading This Manga?

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The Pizza Delivery Man and the Gold Palace: many fans have appreciate this kind of softer story due to the artwork and great Manga story.

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in summary, Woo-won is a pizza delivery guy down on his luck, and Seo-an is wealthy man suffering from panic attacks and social phobia. You wouldn’t think these two would have any reason to get to know one another, but one small kindness leads to a series of encounters that bring the two men closer together than either of them anticipated. Maybe they can find the solutions to their problems together…or perhaps they don’t need solutions, but simply each other.

The Pizza Delivery Man and the Gold Palace

In my book, this work is classified as hurt/comfort in a nice comfort and wholesome way. There’s no unnecessary pity nor any dependency, just little favors. I read BL that are very passionate a lot, however, this is well mixed between platonic, romantic and s3xual. They are good friends! And they’d make great romantic partners, and while nothing has happened as of writing this review (not really expecting anything either though?) its not as if its lacking in tension or anything.

The plot itself is fine and decently paced, I like the characters especially (again) the main couple since it just feels so healthy. The art is nice! It’s good quality but it doesnt necessarily stand out from most other manhwa

Is It Worth Reading This Manga?

This question, “Is reading this manga the Worth it? if you are familiar with Elixir of the Sun Manga series, I would definitely recommend reading it. really like the story, it’s about a pizza delivery guy/barman Woo Won (considered the top) who has to pay off his fathers debts and meets Seo An who is a rich guy but suffers from social anxiety as well as PTSD from the pressures of his family/his ex possibly.

It’s ongoing, it’s really worth checking out y’all. However, you can visit StiG from time to time to read accurate anime and manga news

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