The Predator’s Fiancée Chapter 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, and 72 Release Date

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The Predator’s Fiancée Chapter 67, So far, The Predator’s Fiancée has only been available on Tappytoon, but that changes on August 1st! Starting then, it will be available on webtoon as well If you are not fans of Webtoon or Tapptroon, never fear-I’ll be taking pre-orders once the manga is ready to go! Plus, it looks like Chapter 67 might be ready to go as soon as June 27th If you’re not familiar with these stories, check another berserk out here!

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In summary, Orphaned and living in a monastery, Elisha De Lauer was content and happy. That was until the De Cartiers, known for having magical abilities, came to find her. This snake-filled family forces Elisha into a slave contract with their eyes on inheriting her many assets. After years of servitude to the De Cartiers, Elisha meets a gruesome end at the hands of her captors. That would’ve been the end of her tale, but as she closed her eyes to die, she awoke again in her own past as if nothing had ever happened. With this second chance, she vows revenge on the De Cartiers and finds the perfect accomplice in rumored maniac Lucerne Des Kayas. Lucerne, an outcast member of the De Cartier family, has also sworn revenge on them. His unwavering distrust of everyone stirs him to form a contract with Elisha only under one condition. She must agree to marry him. Flung into a fake marriage, these two align to uncover the secrets of the De Cartiers and bring each member down. There’s just one secret they each can’t seem to figure out. Why does it seem like they have met before?

The Predator’s Fiancée Chapter 67-72: What Will Happen Next?

The Predator’s Fiancée Chapter 67-72: We have to wait to see what is going to happen next in this series. However, the orphans and living in a monastery? The moment the words left his mouth, the world turned upside down. He had no idea why he said that, but it was out there now. He could only hope that she would not find out what he had done to her as a child. 
I was once an orphan and I lived in a monastery. She murmured softly as she traced her fingers over the thin scar on her wrist.

Previous Chapter Summary

In Chapter 66, Elisha De Lauer has a very bad day with his friend. But when he wakes up the next morning, his day doesn’t get any better. After learning what happened to him, he leaves for work just as he does every day. He doesn’t know that it will be his last day of work.

The Predator's Fiancée Chapter 45: The Orphaned and living in a monastery! Release Date

That same night, the police broke into his home. They are looking for evidence, but they don’t find anything because he cleans up after himself. They arrest him anyway and charge him with possession of illegal substances and rape. He isn’t worried because he knows that they have nothing on him; but then they call again, saying they have more evidence against him: at least one victim has come forward to claim her assault was caused by drugs given to her by Elisha De Lauer. At this point, his lawyer tells him that there is no way out–he’ll have to plead guilty in order not to spend time behind bars while waiting for trial (which could take years).

The Predator’s Fiancée Chapter 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, and 72 Release Date

Chapter 67 – June 27, 2023
Chapter 68 – July 4, 2023
Chapter 69 – July 11, 2023
Chapter 70 – July 18, 2023
Chapter 71 – July 25, 2023
Chapter 72 – August 1, 2023

The Predator’s Fiancée Chapter 67 will be released on June 27th, 2022. just one day after berserk chapter 372 To celebrate, Tappytoon will be releasing the following three chapters at ONCE. Chapter 45 is titled The Orphaned and Living in a Monastery. It’s about time for Elisha De Lauer to get some answers from his mother, but he learns that his father has been looking for him to o. Elisha De Lauer isn’t sure what to believe when he meets up with his father for the first time; all he knows is that he wants to return to Shi-Wo. But there are still so many things that need to be answered before he can return home. I hope you like what you read. I hope to see you back next time. Series also similar to Overflow anime!

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