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The Reason Shanks Lost One of His Arms, in One Piece

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The Reason Shanks Lost One of His Arms, the well detailed one piece theories by stig team.

The fact that Shanks lost his arm is irrelevant to his strength. Shanks gave his arm for the sake of the New Generation of Pirates. It is evident that he was strong from the beginning of the Series.

His vast staff included monsters such as Benn Beckman and Lucky Roo. In order to assemble such a vast crew, he needs strength, which demonstrates that he is not an ordinary pirate.

It’s not that he was unable to avoid the Sea King’s strike. He could have used Haki to escape the creature’s assault.

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Even Whitebeard was shocked to learn that Shanks lost his arm in East Blue, which is considered the weakest of the four seas. Whitebeard stated that many consider the duel between Shanks and Mihawk to be legendary. This further demonstrates Shanks’s strength. Whitebeard also cites “22 years,” which indicates that Shanks was already fairly powerful when he arrived in Luffy’s homeland.

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Shanks’s claim that he gave up his arm for the next generation suggests that he could have easily avoided the Sea King if he had wanted to.

It was done to demonstrate to Luffy that the water is a terrible place and that he must be strong enough to survive there. Shanks also wanted Luffy to understand that he may have to make a personal sacrifice in order to save those he cares about.

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