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The Remarried Empress Chapter 123: Evonne with the King! Everything You Need to Known Release Date

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The Remarried Empress Chapter 123, In the upcoming The Remarried Empress chapter 123, Evonne was seen wearing the King’s robe. Will it be another love triangle between Evonne, the King, and Olivia? Read on to find out more about this chapter! Evonne took the duke’s advice to heart and decided to be more cautious around him.

The Remarried Empress Chapter 123: What Will Happen Next?

The Remarried Empress Chapter 123

Rashta is not the empress yet, but she is getting closer to her goal. In this chapter, we see her finally meet with the king. Will she be able to convince him to make her the empress? Or will something happen that will stop her from achieving her goal?

You don’t want to miss what happens next, so read The Remarried Empress Chapter 123 immediately. No one knows what will happen next in The Remarried Empress besides its author, Seo Ji Young. With your curiosity piqued, go ahead and read it now.

Story Synopsis

Navier Ellie Trovi was the epitome of an empress, clever, brave, and socially astute. She was devoted to her spouse and kind to her subjects. The wise empress of the Eastern Empire, Navier was content to live out the remainder of her days in that role. Until her husband brought a mistress home and asked for a divorce. “I consent to the divorce… And I ask for permission to get married again. In an unexpected turn of events, Navier remarries a different emperor and keeps her title and childhood goal of being empress. But how exactly did everything develop?

Previous Chapter Recap

The Remarried Empress evonne and the king

In the last chapter, Evonne remembered the advice Duke Elgy had given her. He told her to be careful of her words and actions around the king. She was also warned about the queen’s possible schemes. Evonne took the duke’s advise to heart and decided to be more cautious around the king.

In order to avoid angering anyone, Evonne decided to stay at her quarters. She did not want to make a hasty decision, which she may regret in future. In her silence, she continued to read and study other literature available. She chose a book called: ‘Aesop’s Fables’

the preface of the book was written by one of her favorite writer. It had been said that Aesop’s Fables were meant for adults and children alike to enjoy.

The Remarried Empress Chapter 123: Release Date

It’s finally here! The long-awaited chapter 123 of The Remarried Empress will be released on July 17th. New chapters are released every Sunday and Thursday.

Where Can I Read The Remarried Empress?

remarried empress, king

The Remarried Empress is a webtoon series that can be read for free on the official Naver Webtoon site. The series is also available in other languages on the Line Webtoon app. 

How Many Chapters Are in The Remarried Empress?

There are 123 chapters in The Remarried Empress so far. A new chapter will be added once it is released. This means that you can read the latest chapter as soon as it comes out!

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