The Second Lead Syndrome: A Recap, Review, and Where to Read?

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I’m so so happy for Batusawa finally getting featured! I can’t believe how good this re-working of the first episode is! I hope anyone who’s on the fence about this comic will stick around; the humor, the characters, and the plot are SO worth it (not to mention the gorgeous artwork). The Second Lead Syndrome, also known as Second Lead Obesity, refers to the fact that an actor or actress in a movie, television show, or play gets significantly less recognition and praise despite being just as good as the main character. This syndrome may be particularly prevalent in movies with two lead characters who look similar (such as younger and older versions of the same person) or in shows where one character is clearly more integral to the plot than another (the second lead would be a tertiary character in most shows). To find out more about this syndrome, read on!

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In summary As a former childstar, the last thing Eun-Young wants is to return to showbusiness. Content with her studies and part-time job, she’s happy to keep a low profile… until the hottest trio in the K-drama world barge into her life. Dragged back into the whirlwind of stardom, she knows one thing: she won’t have any of it. Will fame’s spotlight expose her quiet life? Or will this second chance lead to new love before the cameras?

The Second Lead Syndrome: A Recap, Review, 
The manga is good. I do recommend it. It is a manga about romance and has a lot of comedy. The story starts with the protagonist being put in charge of a high school’s theater club for the first time because she graduated from it just last year. She finds out that the only people who signed up are her underclassmen friends and one upperclassman who has no real interest in joining or acting at all. In order for the club to be successful, she needs new members, but all of her classmates keep rejecting her, thinking that they’re too good for theater clubs or don’t have time to spare on something so unimportant. Eventually, she gets some new members by chance and becomes friends with them along the way as they work together on their plays.

The art has improved so much from the prologue back during the Discover days. I love every panel. Plus,  the flow of the story isseamless.s

The Second Lead Syndrome: A Recap, Review, and Where to Read?

As I mentioned before, all of Riko’s efforts to get her classmates into the theater club are in vain. It turns out that they actually have a secret reason as to why they didn’t want to join in on it. They’re mostly shy or just plain weirded out by her efforts, but that doesn’t stop her from trying again and again. Eventually, Riko does succeed in getting a few people together for her club. The thing is, she isn’t alone anymore when things get hectic during their rehearsals. She needs help writing parts for all of them since she can only write one character herself due to time constraints, so most of them end up helping with various tasks here and there when they have time after school or work or whatever else comes up that day.

Where to Read The Second Lead Syndrome? 
For manga fans, they can read the series on webtoon. If you are interested in getting a physical copy of the series, it is currently published in Japan by Kodansha Comics in Japanese only. If you’re looking for an English version of The Second Lead Syndrome, then I would recommend checking out either your local library or searching online to see if there are any upcoming adaptations.

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