The Strongest Florist Chapter 80: The Blame Behind Jaeho’s Overbearing Father! Recap And Release Date

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The Strongest Florist Chapter 80 will be released on 3rd September by Kumtata Comics, As usual, this week’s chapter recap will be short as I need to go get ready for work soon. here’s the summary and detail of The Strongest Florist Chapter 79 and chapter 80 which you can read here if you didn’t have time to read it earlier today. I hope that you’re all enjoying this series so far!

The Strongest Florist Chapter 80

A quick recap Jaeho would do anything to become a florist despite having a fighter’s build and a menacing scowl. Unfortunately, Jaeho’s controlling father disapproves and encourages his son to pursue a career as an MMA fighter. Jaeho joins the virtual reality game New World in an effort to get away from his father’s plans, but will he be successful?

The Strongest Florist Chapter 80: What Will Happen Next?

Despite having a fighter, Jaeho would do anything to become a florist. His father was always pushing him to be the best and to succeed in everything he did. However, things changed when Jaeho’s mother died. His father became overbearing and wanted Jaeho to be the best at everything. This put a lot of pressure on Jaeho, and he eventually snapped. He ran away from home and has been living on his own ever since.

Jaeho would do anything to become a florist, despite having a fighter. He has loved flowers since he was a child, and his dream is to own his own flower shop. When his father finds out about his dream, he does everything in his power to make it come true. However, Jaeho’s father is very overbearing and always wants things his way. This causes a lot of tension between the two of them.

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Previous Chapter Recap

Jaeho has been on a lucky streak lately, but he’s also clearly been playing the game well. His father has been pressuring him to quit school and focus on becoming a professional gamer, but Jaeho is hesitant. In the previous chapter, Jaeho’s luck ran out and he was defeated in a match. His father was not happy.

The Strongest Florist Chapter 80

His father has continued to pressure him to quit school and focus on becoming a professional gamer. He is tired of having an amateur son who only plays games for fun; he wants him to play games professionally because it’s where he can earn money and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

As for his parents’ views about playing video games, it isn’t too surprising that they would want their son to make money from playing them.

The Strongest Florist Chapter 80: Release Date

The Strongest Florist Chapter 80 will be released on September 3. This chapter is titled The Blame Behind Jaeho’s Overbearing Father! In this chapter, we will learn more about Jaeho’s father and the reason behind his behavior. We will also see how Jaeho deals with this new information. Stay tuned for The Strongest Florist: Chapter 80!

Where can I read The Strongest Florist? 

The Strongest Florist is a popular webtoon series that can be read online for free. Fans can catch up on the series by reading the latest chapters on the official website or on third-party websites that host webtoons. The series is also available in English, so international fans can enjoy it as well. Now if you find this content helpfull don’t forget to Leave comments or suggestions below.

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