The Twins’ New Life: Should You Read the Manga Series? And Review 

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Good day and welcome to my StiG manga update! Today’s blog post is The Twins’ New Life: Should You Read The Manga Series? Yes, only because you love romance manga. We have covered everything you need to know, so keep ranking.

In summary, Reborn as the prince and princess of a fantastical land, Arienne Yuriana and her twin brother, Arhen, should have been living a life of luxury. But instead of beautiful palaces, magical adventures, and attentive servants, the twins are left by the emperor to live with their abusive mother in a rundown castle full of cruel maids. However, after a freak accident suddenly leaves them without a guardian, their father reappears, saying that now he wants them to live in the palace! Thrown into an unfamiliar world of royalty, can the twins forgive their neglectful dad and make the most of their new life with him? Or will this world prove too dangerous for the two of them to survive? Based on the hit novel

The Twins’ New Life: Should You Read the Manga Series?

I saw there were a lot of negative comments. Well, everybody has their own opinion. I really enjoyed reading it. Especialy the perspective of Manhwa, where siblings are going togheter through hardships and supporting each other wholeheartedly, is what I liked while reading it. Everyone has different stories they might like, so even if you don’t like it, you can just drop it or really fall in love with this story. 

The Twins' New Life: Should You Read the Manga Series? And Review 

I love this manga! It is one of the cutest ones I’ve read; the characters, story, and setting are great. Although there are many misunderstandings and questions along the way, they are answered clearly and at a good pace. I also enjoy how everything has a cause and effect throughout the story. Even with the time skips, they loosely connect things, characters, and events from before with current events in the story. It’s a heartwarming story that is fun and entertaining to read, with touches of angst every once in a while. Overall, I really recommend the story if you enjoy children connecting with long-lost family. Should You Read the Manga Series? Yes, not only do you love romance manga,

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